Zombie Mode DS Tips/Tricks?

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User Info: OmegaZero633

7 years ago#1
As everyone knows, CoD Zombies differs in several important aspects from its console bretheren. These changes make Zombies for the DS more difficult (at least to me) and as such, most strategies for the consoles do not apply. So, does anyone have any tips/tricks that they'd like to share? What is the highest round that you've survived to?
Personally, I've made it to round 11 on Facility (singleplayer).
Also, I figured that people who are interested in the key differences would like to know them, so I am posting them here:
-Every stage has 2 unlockable sections, for 5,000 and 10,000 points respectively.
-Zombies kill you in one hit. Ouch.
-A melee slash with a knife (if successful) will kill a zombie in one hit.
-Zombies can take down barriers in about 3 or 4 seconds.
-You can fix a fully destroyed barrier in about 4 seconds.
-Using an explosive on a zombies legs will make a "crawler" on rounds 2 and up.
-Zombies for the DS is only available in single and two-player play...with no online voice chat.
-Hellhounds appear after round 2 randomly in all levels except Temple.
-There's no raygun or any way to upgrade your weapons. Sorry.
-Running zombies appear randomly after round 4.

So, if there's anything big I missed, or if you'd like to share your knowledge, don't be afraid to speak up! :D

User Info: Tsuro6

7 years ago#2
Hm, I noticed an interesting spot in Temple. If you, in the first room, go to the grating in-between the two windows that lead to the swamp, and stand as close as possible, 49/50 zombies will come out of the swamp, so you can shoot them through the grating. I finally died on round 7 (Without opening any doors, so I only had the M14) since that 1/50 zombie knocked down his window as a zombie got one of the windows I was guarding, so I didn't realize there was one behind me, and it got me.

Also, if you're good with the throwing knife, a headshot from a throwing knife will ALWAYS be a one-hit kill. Making other weapons relatively useless except on swarms of zombies.

User Info: OmegaZero633

7 years ago#3
Nice strategy. :D
The problem is that throwing knife headshots cease to be a one-hit kill after round 7. Otherwise, all you have to do is keep looking behind you and you should last till round 8 at least. ("you" meaning the player, of course).
I found that in Co-op zombies, stationing your buddy at the upper part of Temple (near the door) helps because he/she can cover you and the windows on either side.
But that's just for Co-op.
The same strategy works for Co-op Facility, with each player covering a section of the room.
Both become pointless after the next part is unlocked, though.

User Info: _Ryroo

7 years ago#4
Healing a friend in multiplayer zombies takes nearly no time at all so don't hesitate to run away from zombies and heal your friend.

User Info: OmegaZero633

7 years ago#5
Ah, I knew I forgot something. Thanks! ^_^
Of course, healing your friend depends on how many zombies/hellhounds/crawlers are around him/her. Sometimes you may not be able to reach your partner in time.
It's too bad there's no online voice chat because communication is key to make sure both people live. Luckily, my brother also has Black Ops, so that's not a problem for me.
Anywho, everyone take note because you're much less likely to get to higher rounds with a dead partner.
...but that 3rd-person "stalker" view is pretty cool. :D

User Info: M3taBerry

7 years ago#6
dont use the sights on a shotgun, especially against hellhounds.
-on facility, if you unlock the 5000 point door, the 10000 point door is a great camping spot
-shotgun+lmg is your best friend
-dont use rockets and grenades on hellhounds
- if you plan to unlock the 5000 door, try to last another round so as to have points for using the weapon box
-weapon box is good, but don't count on it. ive gotten m1891/59's and snipers
-take advantage of the pistol in round 1, as thats the only round where its a 1headshot kill
- recommended weapons-
semi-full auto rifles
Stop crying, make a vague goat** emblem, and be done with it. -CyCoPLx

User Info: OmegaZero633

7 years ago#7
That's really helpful! :D
I did notice that the shotgun was useful, but I always stuck with the M14 (a nice headshot weapon). I'll have to try using it more.
Why would explosives not work on hellhounds? I've never used grenades on hellhounds, and I haven't found any type of rocket yet, so I'm just wondering in case it does something glitchy or strange.

User Info: OmegaZero633

7 years ago#8
I found out that on Co-op, the non-hosting player has slight lag. This makes forehead/face shots very difficult (nothing's scarier then emptying a clip into a zombies head to no effect on ROUND 1). Go for neck shots if you experience this. It works easily for some reason.

User Info: JHLFlyingElf

7 years ago#9
My favorite tip for anyone!

----- "No doggies on Temple! Wooo!"~ [JHL]FlyingElf

This makes it waaaay easier to get father in waves/rounds and I've gotten to the third room on one "Fire Sale" cuz I had like 10,000 points before I got the "Fire Sale" and then I went and tried to get the grenade launcher but I didn't have enough money and a zombie got me! Waaagh! There goes my chances at getting to round 15! Grr....-takes out a zombie and nukes the rest- Yay! lol ^_^"
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User Info: _Ryroo

7 years ago#10
Stating a fact doesn't mean you give a tip...
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