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User Info: dozzpot

6 years ago#1

Do you have to create a Windows Live account and log in (and therefore have be connected to the internet) in order to save your progress in the SP game? I just played the first mission without an account then came out of the game and on going back in it seems I still have to do the first mission again even though I completed it.

First impression: Not great but not bad. Very linear though with restricted movement (first time I saw the screen go because I was outside the mission zone I thought my graphics card was dying). Knox and all the swearing is very annoying; it's a bit like GRAW but that feels like a really classy game as the lack of drivel being spouted makes the whole operation feel a lot more professional and elite. Reminds me a bit of Delta Force too, especially Black Hawk Down. Runs well on my mediocre machine so that's good.

User Info: dozzpot

6 years ago#2
And adding to that: if this is the case and you need an account, how does that affect the re-sale possibility once I'm done with it?

User Info: jaca_42

6 years ago#3

Yes you need to be logged into windows live in order to save your progress, now when it comes to selling it im not really sure.

Atleast where i live they dont allow us to sell any pc game with online activation.

Also the later missions should give you a bit more freedom, i wont say theyre as open as lets say arma or dragon rising but they will still give you a decent ammount of room for some fun.

User Info: dozzpot

6 years ago#4

Thanks for the info. Bit of a rip-off benig tied into that account and not being able to re-sell. If I buy a car I don't expect to have to keep it forever and the same with a game or anything else. I expect to sell it on once I am done with it. It's also a bit like Microsoft having their own Steam system (something I avoid at all costs even if it does mean missing the occasional good game).

I'm now into the second or third mission and am struggling to see what everyone is moaning about. No it's not OFP (although there is plenty of time running around doing nothing as in the original), no it's not ARMA (I would have fallen asleep by now and at least everyone gets in the vehicle when I tell them, even if they teleport there), no it's not COD (if I get shot to bits I have to do something about it or die rather than just hide behind a rock for a few seconds).

Seems like a nice balance and pretty good so far apart from all the swearing and USMC gung-ho nonsense. And for the opening ride you get a classic Megadeth track to listen to (best band ever) - bonus!

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