Best place to grind a level? (SPOILER)

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User Info: Marioak

6 years ago#1
Just finished Future Arc. with Lv 82 party.

I found those monsters in last area (Future Arc) give a lot of EXP but it's take a lot of time to kill just one >_>
So any tips please?
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User Info: magnum7979

6 years ago#2
1st playthrough? Bonus Dungeon Floor 8~10, equip with EXP Boosting Grimoire as well as Food that increase EXP if finish battle under 20 second.

Note that the EXP Boosting Grimoire will lower your Stat by half.

User Info: Kurusu

6 years ago#3
huh, halving your stats AND clearing the battle in less than 20 seconds? You'd need to be over the level of the enemies, which mean the exp they'd give would drop a lot.

I think it's best to only put the recipe that increases exp after you've spent 1 minute in battle and increase slowly the difficulty so that the enemies are always at a level above yours. This also allows to put a recipe that increases your max HP at the end of the battle instead.
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  3. Best place to grind a level? (SPOILER)

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