Trolls bringing down the Metacritic user score of Tales of Graces f

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User Info: Celine10

5 years ago#1
Some hours ago, I was browsing MC to see the reviews uploaded so far (same old thing: I don't care about them and I would have bought the game even with a MC score of 1\100, but I do care about the impact of reviews on many gamers out there, especially those not into the series). The user score back then was 9.0

Then I refreshed the page and I found the user score has dropped two full points: doing a little math it must mean that all the ten people who voted in the last hours gave a 0\1\2 mark to the game. Also, no one of them left a review. All things considered, it looks like one of those troll-attempts to destroy a Metacritic userscore people have been talking about for many other games, even if niche titles like Tales games usually are spared this kind of attentions.

User Info: Celine10

5 years ago#2
While I was writing the last post, two negative votes were added in a matter of minutes, making it 11 in less than two hours (maybe less, since I can't know when they started between my first browsing of that page and the refresh), while the game only received positive votes in the last three days.

At this point it's fairly obvious someone is trying to ruin the game's user score, either by using multiple accounts or by organizing some troll attempt with friends.

User Info: generalhs

5 years ago#3
Looks like a smaller form the the anti-ME3 trolling going on.

User Info: Kirakirainu

5 years ago#4

With ME3 it doesn't really matter because the games sales were/are still massive.

but a still fairly unknown series like Tales can't really afford to be trolled.

User Info: DarcKage

5 years ago#5
Who really cares about the (troll) scores on Metacritic anyway?
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User Info: Celine10

5 years ago#6
The issue is that ME3 was trolled by its own fanbase for a reason (the whole ending drama), while there's no reason to hate on Graces f unless you want to damage it from the outside.

I don't know who is behind this, it may very well be a single person, but the game's fans should register, vote and maybe post a review in order to avoid that a bunch of troll accounts are able to damage Graces f's reputation in a rather important venue.

User Info: Snadados

5 years ago#7
Tolls? On the internet? Stop the presses!
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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
5 years ago#8
Who really cares about the (troll) scores on Metacritic anyway?

I've seen countless people try and back up and argument about how good a game is based on metacritic and scores. It's pretty pathetic too, most of the time they're taken completely out of context as well.

User Info: Bishop_Sasarai

5 years ago#9
It doesn't really matter, as the morons who are doing it aren't really gaining anything. This game isn't super popular, and it's geared towards a specific set of gamers who are smart enough to know that they'll play the game regardless of reviews.

Trolls are sad, sad people.
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User Info: nebilim_ToS

5 years ago#10
So, if people don't like the game, they HAVE to be trolls, right?
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