Pascal Formal and cheria swimsuit costume...

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User Info: Shianai

5 years ago#1
for cheria the faq says a man next to the inn in sable izole... but nothing?

and for pascal i have no clue where to find hers...

User Info: Jprime666

5 years ago#2
From the costume guide I'm assembling.

2. Cheria [che]

Magical Bee (Rita) - Beat the hard mode of Magic Carta without the opponent scoring. You need at least 25 cards to play.

Innocent Maiden - Find Pearl Windthread in a chest in one of Barona Castle's storerooms. The castle is something of a maze, so it might take you some time. When you have it go to the Katz Korner inn and hand it over.

Seaside Angel (Swimsuit) - Complete the first part of the beach resort side-quest, detailed below. Investigate the item shop's stand at Sable Izolle, and the guy will offer to sell it to you for 100,000(!!) gald. It's on the right side of the stand. Investigating the left side will cause you to comment on the tools.

3. Pascal [pas]

Free Spirit - Head southeast from Oul Raye and into the Uncharted Sands or something. Keep going and you'll eventually see a group or red robots, fight them for a scene and the title.

Deep Sea Diver (Swimsuit) - In the Sandshroud Ruins. Just go down some stairs and you'll see the monster wearing her stuff. You need the Aramcian key to enter the Sandshroud Ruins. The key is in Bathus Citadel at a discovery location.
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