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User Info: unbalancedego

5 years ago#1
is the only benefit of purchasing this title from the humanoid on fodra the title itself? Do you get anything else?

User Info: despk

5 years ago#2
u get expand stat which increases ur cc by 1. I think it is worth it though the price increases for each purchase

User Info: HolyLancer9

5 years ago#3
By the end, you're paying millions of gald for those titles. Only get them when you're really, really far into the late game. You can probably buy 2-3 with little trouble (the first one only costs 10000 Gald, but the price increases by previous price x3 for every one you buy. So they price like this;

1st = 10000
2nd = 30000
3rd = 90000
4th = 270000
5th = 810000
6th = 2430000
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