Cryas Dragons ?

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5 years ago#1
ok so I can apparently fight 3 dragons now so are they like the sword dancer fight were if I advance story they'll be cut off

User Info: Cletus5258

5 years ago#2
I don't think so as I'm at the end of the main game and can still fight them if I want...

Though I'm not strong enough to kill them :(
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User Info: AceJay

5 years ago#3
I wish, Doom Dragon all over again. After final boss.

User Info: NicoGrimm

5 years ago#4
The dragons are extremely high level (I think the weakest one is like level 90, right?) It just wouldnt be fair to put a time limit on them.
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User Info: oathkeeper9918

5 years ago#5
Advancing through the story won't get rid of the dragons, you can do it even after completing the future arc. The dragons are -very- high level, ranging from i think level 90 to level 120. They each drop a weapon, as well. I think the green one drops a knife for Cheria, the blue one drops a bladerang for Malik, and the red one drops a dualblade for Hubert.

Beating all three unlocks level 10 in the Zowon Cage
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User Info: Guerrero_Son

5 years ago#6
Cletus5258 posted...
I don't think so as I'm at the end of the main game and can still fight them if I want...

Though I'm not strong enough to kill them :(

If you have any of the Paragon-type of titles that reduce damage of x or more by 50% then it's pretty easy. That or use All-Divide if you don't mind a 30min long fight.

The second I could fly the shuttle wherever I wanted to (after World's Eye) I found the blue dragon. I was around 50-55 at this point and I didn't find it difficult after I memorized it's attack patterns. I did the other two immediately after.

The hardest one is probably the fire one only because it 'is' the highest level but it's breath-shot will hit you even if you're right in his face; the other dragon's shot will just barely miss you every time.

Just try to stay behind them. evade a lot, spam their weaknesses and you should be fine. The items are extremely powerful (Hubert's glaive giving 600+ p-atk!) so you don't want to miss out on them for an early advantage.


User Info: unbalancedego

5 years ago#7
so they only give weapons for 3 out of the 6 chars? Can the cryas they drop be forged into similar weapons for the other 3?


5 years ago#8
thanks guys
Oh & I don't know what Zowon Cage is lol

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