Hubert combos

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User Info: hondalife4eva

5 years ago#1
Im doing pretty well with hubes but I just wanted to know what y'all use for his combos?

User Info: Three_Leaf_Ivy

5 years ago#2
Assign Flare Shot (far)/Radial Arc (close) to Circle.
Hold Circle.
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User Info: shadowleeSP

5 years ago#3
Well it all depends on if he's got all his artes unlocked and how much CC. Spamming Aqua Bullet really fills up his CC gauge fast IMO. Other than that, his left A-Arte path (cant remember but the last one is DualBlade Dance) helps when you want to get an easy 25 hit combo into his 1st Mystic (if you have certain titles leveled up).
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User Info: hondalife4eva

5 years ago#4
Ya I love flare shot and his left a arte branch.

User Info: Kantonoso

5 years ago#5
The game itself reccommends comboing bullets after his 2 CC A-artes.

Personally, due to the massive difference in power on most of his weapons (Hubert, statistically, is built VERY A-arte heavy) I usually just use the left A-branch a lot for general targets and bullets when enemies are weak to B or when I'm playing it safe.

Though capitalizing on Brave Vesperia's C-Attack and doing sword/shot combos is tempting as well.

I think I'll experiment a little tonight and get back to you on setups I liked later.
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