So Tales Fans, Whats your favorite RPG?

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User Info: Zantetsuken_G

6 years ago#11
Current favorite has been Xenogears, loved the character... good and bad ones like Shakkan/Ramsus. Char and Gear battle systems were simple but fun. I would say the biggest selling point for being my favorite is the music, probably only the only video game soundtrack were I love every song.

User Info: Sir-Marth

6 years ago#12
Grandia, fact not opinion.

From: SonicNextGen2 | #001
I am going to get trolled hard for this

Paper Mario.

Yeah, but no.

User Info: epyon45

6 years ago#13
Final Fantasy IX is my all time favorite

User Info: Rpgmonkey

6 years ago#14
Final Fantasy V.
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User Info: Lelouch71

6 years ago#15
Persona 2 (both IS and EP), Xenogear, and Radiant Historia.
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User Info: WinterKitsune

6 years ago#16
I like Paper Mario quite a bit myself, but my favorite is Mother 3 hands down
I was really glued to Legend of Mana for the longest time though. It was such a beautiful and fun game. With a surprisingly deep world when you took the time to discover it. Not to mention it ages so well.
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User Info: Number090684

6 years ago#17
Hmm... I dunno, I have quite a few that I really loved. But I guess I'll go with Tales of Vesperia considering how much I love the cast, their interaction and the world they live in. Honorable mention goes out to...

-Tales of Legendia
-Tales of Destiny
-Tales of Phantasia
-Tales of Symphonia
-Grandia 2
-Final Fantasy VI
-Final Fantasy XII
-Persona 3
-Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne
-Skies of Arcadia
-Golden Sun
-Golden Sun the Lost Age
-Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter
-Wild Arms 3
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User Info: StrikeNinja24

6 years ago#18
Breath of Fire needs more love.

Hear that Capcom? Get on that.
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User Info: SonicNextGen2

6 years ago#19
Oh forgot honorable mentions, Tales of the abyss, vesperia and final fantasy v

User Info: shadowysea07

6 years ago#20

varies depending on the combat system. forgrid srpgs i'd have to say disgaea. for semi turn based real timei'd say eternal sonata. atb wisemy fave would be ffx-2much better and faster than 12 and 13. old fashioned turnbased thats pretty hard when you have to choose between the likes ofpokemon the juggernaut franchise that kicks most series butts,mario rpgs like legend of the 7 stars pm and pmttyd ect, classics like ff10 and suchbut i'd have to go with pokemon games because of double battles. made the games alot faster and more fun and with moves like earth quake and surf you can own most enemies. i do have a mad love for paper mario though. whilealot of the party members suck it has somereally great ones. plus pm had a great story and i actually needed a guide to get past the guy in the sheet. tales wins initssection no contest. not only does it have the fastest battle system of any rpg out there but i feel free when playing it compared to most games lately where they constrict the hell out of you. now full real time ones that have you out on the field instead of on a different screen like tales thats almost as hard as classic turnbased. the .hack games phantasy star ect. thats pretty hard to pick as well but if i could remember the name i would pick this one where your a blue haired kid or whatever whos escape pod or ship or something crashed on a primitive planet. the combat system for that one was very similar to tales the character even had a spinning move like tempest XD.

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