Who is your Favorite Tales protagonist?

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User Info: Link3456

5 years ago#1
My favorite is Jude from Xillia. I don't really like the mature type protagonist like Yuri. Stahn and Lloyd were a little too in-your-face for me. Senel is just meh; I don't really have an opinion about him. I like Shing alot, but there wasn't anything that would make him above other protagonists. Luke is my second favorite because the growth that he showed was awesome, and it made Abyss so much fun.

Jude is my favorite because he is so young and inexperienced. However, he is always thoughtful and never jumps into things without thinking. He had the best chemistry with the party i think when compared to any of the other protagonists. Also, Xillia had the ending that I felt most connected to when compared to other Tales games, and this was because of where Jude ended up in the end.

Sorry about that wall of text but with Graces coming out in the next few months, I want to hear other peoples favorite Tales protagonists. Who is your favorite tales protagonist and why?
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User Info: INFERTakuya

5 years ago#2
Luke post-haircut. Long-haired Luke is a total jerkass that's unworthy of any respect.

If the rest of the main cast were included (apart from the male lead), my absolute favourite's Sophie.
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User Info: xErisx

5 years ago#3

Luke, because he's not like other common JRPGs protagonists out there. He's doesn't say that he will save everyone and they will all live happily ever after. He takes a more realistic approach when he decides upon the best course of action. His insecurity is understandable due to his background and how everybody had treated him prior to his haircut. Overall, I just really love his growth and development. Although I can understand why people hate him.

User Info: No1Inparticular

5 years ago#4
Not changing until a third Okami game is announced.

User Info: Yandy_Kusanagi

5 years ago#5
Either Yuri or long-haired Luke.
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User Info: Arceus1234

5 years ago#6
Not changing this Sig until Tales of Graces: f is released in English.

User Info: MasterLL

5 years ago#7
Stahn, he makes all the ougis look damn good.
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User Info: musketeer361

5 years ago#8
Emil. Yeah, I said it.
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User Info: Ray5555

5 years ago#9
I'd say mine is a tie between Yuri and Reid. Both were awesome
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User Info: Detsuaxhe

5 years ago#10
Probably Yuri, for managing to keep his sense of humor in a JRPG.
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