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User Info: DarkContractor

5 years ago#1
Do not post until you see the word 'DONE' in bold letters, please.

Tales of Graces F Frequently Asked Questions (SPOILER FREE)

(* means that it a term will be explained in a few questions, just bare with it)

What is Tales of Graces F?

Tales of Graces F is an enhanced port of the 2009 Wii Game “Tales of Graces” and is the 12th entry in the series. Released in 2010, it became the first Tales of game to receive an English translation on the PS3 on March 13th, 2012.

What are the differences between Tales of Graces F and the original?

The HD quality is a no brainer. The game features a new default costume for Sophie, more costumes available as DLC, and a new Arc at the end of the game. The new Arc is widely estimated to be as long as ¾ of the original game, due to the fact it is 3 script books long while the main game is 4.

What are the Arcs?

There are 3 of them, one a few hours long and the other two pretty damn long. I will not divulge what the Arcs are about as that would be spoilers. You’ll find out very quickly if you stay on this forum regardless.

What does the F stand for?



What is CC?

Chain Capacity is a meter that determines how many actions you can perform. Everything but restricted run and item usage runs on CC. Every attack as well as quick dodges will deplete this meter a little bit. It will refill within a few seconds of not using it all. It is important to keep an eye on your CC during battle, otherwise you will suddenly find yourself standing idly right in front of an enemy.

What is an A-Arte?

A, or Alpha Arte, is your physical attacks. With few exceptions (such as Asbel’s Phantom Pulse or Sophie’s Piercing Laser) A-Artes are variations of a character using his main weapon. You will often find them to be more easily chained and faster to pull off. There are 4 levels of an A-Arte attack. At the beginning of the game, you will only be able to use 1 or 2 level A-Arte attacks. If you look at your characters Artes on the menu, you will see they follow a flowchart. Basically, if you have the required CC, keep tapping X and your character will work his way from the left to the right. Each column represents a different level of attack, going from 1-4 from left to right. You will start off 2nd from top if you move the joystick up or down when you attack, 3rd from top if you use left, and 4th from top if you use right. Once you start progressing the flow chart, it is not necessary to indicate direction. By the nature of this system, this means that a level 3 A-Arte requires 6 CC to use, and a level 4 A-Arte requires 10 CC to use. The flow chart is set, you cannot swap around the attacks; the 3 and 4 Artes are intentionally blocked off by your low CC at the beginning of the game because they would be too powerful at that point.
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User Info: DarkContractor

5 years ago#2
What are B-Artes?

Beta, or B-Artes, are typically magic-based (or in Hubert’s case, gun based) attacks that can inflict serious damage, usually cover a good range, and can also affect your other party members, from status curing to healing to reviving to stat boosting. B-Artes are chainable, however you will find that it is not as easy to flow into the next attack as it is A-Artes and chaining them is a bit more situational. I could explain, but you’ll see what I mean pretty much the moment you start to use B-Artes. I find chaining is easiest by starting with a B Arte that makes the enemy stagger, then spamming A-Artes with two other characters, lead into with a multi-hitting B-Arte to buy your A-Artest (note that that is a word I just made up on the spot) time to recharge their CC, lather, rinse, and hope you’re able to repeat. Note that B-Artes do not have a flow chart. You can equip up to 4 different CCs at a time that you are able to use at any moment you are ‘attack-ready’ (not stoned or burned or staggered etc) and have the proper CC you need.

What is cast time?

Except for Hubert and Asbel, all character B Artes have a certain cast time. Basically, you use a B Arte and a meter fills up and the attack isn’t used until the meter is filled. In the mean time, your character is idle and being attacked cancels the attack. The cast time can be reduced based on chaining; using a B Arte at the end of a 4 A Arte attack is instant, though it requires a lot of CC. 2 or 3 A Arte attacks will still reduce the cast time quite a bit though.

What is quick-dodging?
Tapping a direction while holding square will do a quick, instant burst in that direction for a short distance. It is used for dodging attacks that you do not have time to run away from. It costs 1 CC, and perfectly timing a quick dodge in junction with an enemy’s attack will instantly refill some or all of your CC. This and Eleth Bursts* are the only way to use higher level A-Artes early on.

What is restricted run?

This describes the basic movement in a battle. Basically, you can only run straight to and from your targeted enemy and must use Free run* or quick dodges to change direction.

What is free run?
Free run is movement in any direction, unhindered by position in relationship to the enemy. Free run is activated by holding L2 and costs 1 CC/sec.

What is an eleth burst?
If you look at the meter in a battle to the left, you will see a blue and red bar filling up. The blue bar will fill, albeit slowly from attacking and chaining the enemy and will fill quickly from using quick dodges to fill your CC. The red one will fill simply from either enemy or player getting attacked.
Once the blue meter is reached, your party will enter Eleth Burst for a certain duration of time. During this time, you have unlimited CC and can pretty much infinitely chain. If the red meter fills, then the enemy enters Eleth Burst where they give out more damage and do not stagger.

What is a Mystic Arte?

A Mystic Arte is essentially a ‘limit break’ to use some popular FF-jargon. If you look at the eleth burst meter during an eleth burst, it will have changed into something else, the more you attack, the more it fills up. Filling it up increases the number at the bottom of it by 1, which indicates the amount of Mystic Artes you can perform. You are only limited by this number, as long as you have the proper amount and it is an Eleth Burst, you can use them back to back to back etc. The actual attack is a small cutscene. Most Mystic Artes minimum do around 3000 damage to at least one target.
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User Info: DarkContractor

5 years ago#3
How do you use an item?

Tap triangle, go down, there you go! Note that the character you have use the item will be idle for a second, then you won’t be able to use another for roughly 10 seconds, time remaining indicated by the depleting meter in the top left portion of the screen.

How do you run away?
Simply run at the edge of the arena. This will make a run away meter fill.

What is a critical attack?

When attacking, look at the bar filling up below your character’s health. When it fills your next attack is a critical hit and does more damage and is more accurate.

What status ailments can affect you?

BURN- HP gradually drops and items cannot be used on you.
POISON-HP gradually drops.
SLOW- Cannot quick dodge and CC refills slower.
PARALYSIS- Random staggering
FREEZE- Cannot perform any action until you are attacked again
Stoned- Cannot perform any action for a set amount of time.

How do you switch characters?

The D-Pad.

What is ‘Dualizing’?

Combining two items into one. Sum is greater than the whole, etc. Valuable items, better weapons, and healing items can all be made by dualizing.

What are shards?

Shards are items that can be dualized to your equipment, giving stat boosts, raising CC, giving it the ability to inflict statuses, etc.

What is tempering?

After you dualize a shard to a piece of equipment, use it in battle enough and it will be ‘tempered’. This is just another step in getting ready to dualize the same equipment again, nothing more.

What is extracting?

Extracting takes the shards you dualized onto your tempered equipment and combines their effects into an equipment accessory. The abilities dualized to your weapon will be gone, but the stat boosts remain the same. After extraction, the weapon can be dualized again, and yes the stat boosts stack.


What are titles?

Throughout the game, fulfilling various conditions will unlock different titles for your character. Each title itself will carry a stat boost while equipped, but importantly titles teach skills*.

What are skills?

Things such as stat boosts, type resistances, or new artes that are obtained by leveling up titles. Each title has 5 different levels that each yield a new skill. The effects of the skill are permanent, you will still utilize them even if you equip another title. Titles are leveled by SP which you gain by completing Hotel Requests*, using certain items, and for the most part, completing battles.

What is mastering?

After all 5 skills have been learned, SP after that goes to mastering the title. Mastering requirements are usually steep, usually at least 1500 SP, there are exceptions though. Mastering a title will increase the stat boost granted by having it equipped but will not affect the skills, so it is much more important to learn many skills than to master titles. There is however a title for each character gained by mastering 5 titles, and they actually yield some decent stat boosts.
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User Info: DarkContractor

5 years ago#4
Misc. Questions

What carries over in New Game+?

Titles and skills.

How do I unlock Evil and Chao mode?

Evil: Complete 200 battles on hard mode.
Chaos: Complete 300 battles on evil mode.

What is the eleth mixer?

The eleth mixer is a handy device given to you at the beginning of the second arc. Basically, you equip certain items to its slots and it will duplicate them. Regular use items (ie aple gel, etc) have a percent chance of appearing by walking around outside of combat. Cooked recipes appear inside battle after certain conditions (ie x character has x amount of hp) and are automatically used. Regardless of percents and conditions, each item requires a certain amount of ‘eleth’ to create. The mixer carries about 150 units at first, and is refilled at shops at a rate of 1 gald for 1 eleth unit. Creating items outside of battle will increase the item slots you can equip stuff to duplicate with, and inside of battle will increase the mixer’s maximum capacity. Maximum eleth capacity is 9999 and maximum item slot is 16.

Is a certain 1v1 fight in Lhant scripted?

There’s a certain boss fight that is a spoiler to divulge the name of that many people wonder is scripted. Basically, the first 1v1 fight you will have in the second Arc in Lhant is what people are asking about. The answer is yes, you cannot win. Depleting his HP to 0 will simply change it to ?.

How do you get the Platinum?

Easy Platinum, considering I can summarize it to one question. Increase Eleth mixer capacity to 9999, beat all boss fights under 60 seconds (regardless of difficulty or new game +), get the vast majority of titles for each character, and beat the final boss on chaos mode (don’t have to play the whole game on chaos). Boom, platinum.

What are hotel requests?

Annoying -_- Basically each hotel has a list of ‘items requested’ that yield rewards as well as SP. It’s pretty much a bunch of bs fetch quests Bamco put in to increase the game’s longevity when they could have spent the money on a real side quest.

What is Trials of Graces?

Various battles in which you gain items to use in the main game for. The battles are scored based on various things, and you post yours to the leaderboards if you are signed into PSN.

How do I do multiplayer?

Buy a Manual Manual at any store and set a character's Artes to manual.

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User Info: 4evergaming

5 years ago#5
DarkContractor posted...
How do I do multiplayer?
Buy a Manual Manual at any store and set a character's Artes to manual.

Um... That's NOT how you do Multiplayer.
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User Info: TrippyPBA

5 years ago#6
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User Info: darkzero16

5 years ago#7

From: 4evergaming | #005
DarkContractor posted...
How do I do multiplayer?
Buy a Manual Manual at any store and set a character's Artes to manual.

Um... That's NOT how you do Multiplayer.


You just change to either Semi Auto or Manual (if you bought it) on players 2-4.

Also needs more info. Maybe Pascals sidequests BAs? >_>
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User Info: Sempied

5 years ago#8
I'd digress for telling how to get some MA's.

Pascal specifically.

Carta card locations, and info on there random appearances in some spots as well.

User Info: SieKensou

5 years ago#9
what's spoiler about the arcs anyways?

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User Info: Arc166

5 years ago#10
TrippyPBA posted...

Lol no it's not.

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