Getting a weapon to +99.

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User Info: Eggo352

5 years ago#1
Ok so I have been reading the best way to create the "Ultimate Weapons" and it is said to get the starting weapons for each character to +99.

My only question is, can someone make a step by step process on how to obtain a +99 weapon? I am totally oblivious to the whole "Dualizing" thing.
Sorry I am at the end of the future arc but still have not dualized a single weapon >.<, and before starting the 2nd playthrough I kinda want to experiment more with dualizing.
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User Info: trewerd

5 years ago#2
you basically, pick a weapon you want. Dualize it with those shards that enemies drop. That should give you "+1".
Keep using the weapon in fights until the game tells you it's been "tempered", which means you can then go back to the shops to "extract" the shard. This is done by having two weapons that have been tempered. Extraction, takes the shards from the two weapons and combines them into an equippable accessory that boosts certain stats (depending on what shards you had). After extraction, the weapon remains a "+1" weapon, ready for another round of dualizing. After dualizing with the same weapon again, it becomes "+2", and so on and so forth. So just keep dualizin'!
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