Qualities - Farming Miniguide

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    Kurusu posted...
    Sephiroushin posted...
    Trials #27 make everything in the game looks easy, only 3 players has beat it, I got just 1224 points, currently ranked #1 out of 3! it's not worth the effort ...

    In the meantime, in Japan, many players maxed out at 9990 Pts. >_>

    If it's about the combinations, I translated them from the jp wiki here, but I got too lazy to check everything and make a faq about it.


    Also, let's remind the side-effects of having ranks 7 equipped:

    Garrtastic. 10% chance to avoid damage from physical attacks
    Barbatosan. Items sealed
    Lukerrific. Damage halved against humans
    Bruiserine. Glory effect on the first attack received
    Lonimazing. Recovers 10% of the damage received against women
    Nataliated. Increases earned gald by 20% at the end of the battle
    Nanalystic. Acc. x2 (Wii was x4)
    Guyabulous. Clean hits from women enemies petrify you (Wii was instant kill)
    Genisimile. Doubles the damage from Hubert's Flare Shot (Wii was damage x4)
    Kyleicious. Damage dealt to Reala are reduced to 1
    Eugenelike. 10% chance to avoid damage from spells (must be because his magic defense sucked so now he avoids them)
    Caiusesque. Damage dealt to bears x8

    ...Well, that explains why the entire Cedric arc was HELL for me 2nd play; Asbel's weapon had Guyabulous quality. Direct result, I was getting petrified left and right.
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