Who is your favorite Tales protagonist and why?

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User Info: Kantonoso

5 years ago#21
Favorite: Tie between Luke and Lloyd. Both are completely different people at the end than at the start. Both have matured considerably, and aren't just noisy brats anymore. Although both of them start off totally ignorant, they make efforts to learn (even if Lloyd is a chronic idiot.) I like watching these two grow and devellop as characters. I play their games over and over to enjoy their growth time and time again.

Least favorite: Yuri or Asbel. Sure, these two are amusing in their own way, but they completely lack the growth that the above characters show. As the main characters, showing such small amounts of devellopment really makes the game feel bland overall. The game is statically following a static protagonist, and the result is... well... static.

Noteworthy exception: Cless. Honestly, being the first Tales ever, I didn't expect much from Phantasia, and I wasn't dissapointed with what little he really brought to the table. However, considering the themes and content of the game, as badly done as it was, I would LOVE to play a full-on modern remake with as much devellopment as Symphonia/Abyss. He may very well go from the worst to the best.
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User Info: megasoniczxx

5 years ago#22
Yuri Luke Lloyd pretty much my top 3 I just love the things these 3 do.

User Info: T_Time_Twenty

5 years ago#23
Lloyd Irving. He was the first character I ever used. I liked his speed and moveset (especially the ineffective sword rain artes). His growth as a character was enjoyable to watch as well.

I don’t hate any Tales lead character but my least favorite is Emil. I found him very annoying early on. He became tolerable towards the end though. I’m also fond of Shing and Stahn for their gameplay and Senel for his character development.
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