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User Info: tycoonajv

5 years ago#1
i just recently finished the main arc..should i reload and go to zhonecage or just proceed to the F arc?..any suggestions?..the party is lvl 76..

User Info: ZidaneLionhart

5 years ago#2
Well i myself was told to do future arc first to get the Accel gauge for use in the Zhonecage
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User Info: pokemon_45_79_1

5 years ago#3
Go Future arc first as you can pick up new titles and lvls and it will prepare you for the bosses in there.
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User Info: Katsumiha

5 years ago#4

I'm doing zhonecage before the future arc (started off as lvl ~80). You can switch to future arc when you like anyways (no way back tho).

They say it's tougher at lvl9 or 10 but whatever, so far it's not THAT hard (I am at lvl 7 by the way).

User Info: Sayoria

5 years ago#5
F arc for a number of reasons.....titles, accels, and most of all, the challenge of F arc will be gone if you complete Zhonecage first.
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User Info: tycoonajv

5 years ago#6
thanks will follow your suggestions..XD
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