What 5 Bosses did YOU struggle the most with? (Major Spoilers)

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User Info: trewerd

5 years ago#21

Dispater (1st run)
That pig on the mountain
Fodra Queen
and that chimera thing in the lab.

That's if we're only going by story bosses.
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User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
5 years ago#22
I'm only halfway through the game, but so far....

1. Bryce in Orlen Woods (did it right away, lost like 10 times and eventually had to resort to an All-Divide since he kept going after Cheria and without that he'd insta-kill her every time and kill almost anyone else in 1 combo as well)

2. Cedric (traps and that darn overhead slam that kills anyone not named Asbel in 1 shot)

3. Bladeback Boar (mostly because Cheria is an idiot and kept getting nailed from half the screen away by his charge and because late in the battle he pretty much tunnelled every 2 seconds)

Honestly, those are the only 3 problem bosses I've faced thus far. I actually had no problem with Kurt, beat him on the first try and didn't really feel he as that difficult besides a few insta-MA kills. Maybe I got lucky.
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User Info: HeroGod

5 years ago#23
I only have 2:
1. Kurt
2. Lambda Theos

User Info: Natatteru

5 years ago#24
On Chaos...

1) Solomus: "Oh I think I'm doing pretty well an-- ohmygod he just splitted into 4!" ..... "OK OK, I defeated the clones, I'm doing fairly solid an-- wait what Shooting Stars aaaaaahhhhh" *dead* (Later Try: "OK! He's about to die, one Arcane Bottle should do the trick! HUH!? wait why is he doing a BC? AAAHHH HE KILLED THE WHOLE PARTY **** THIS GAME!")

2) Emeraude (Obvious reasons, dodgin her spells is not hard, but the field on her feet makes it a real annoying battle)

3) Entrails Parasite: Seriously, I got so destroyed the many first tries on this thing. I had to get a lucky Arles Rise and hit AoE with Calamity Rondo twice to kill most of them

4) Little Queens: Yeah **** them.

5) Cedric: Honestly I don't know why I had so much trouble with him the first time, dodging his attacks is easy and his fire/electric fields give you free CC, but your allies get killed so often...
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User Info: Hark21Ball

5 years ago#25
I havent done Chaos yet but first time through on Moderate/Hard

1. Kurt- Had noooo problems til this jerk would WRECK everyone for like 3400 a hit WHILE Blocking!

2- Bladehorn Boar- Would dig and one shot everyone so fast i could barely get any hits off

3 Emeraude- The last few mins of her spell spam made me cringe....

4 Fire Dragon- I was only level 70 and i saw the star.......was a very looong fight.

5 Lambda Theos- Died 3x to his MA.
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User Info: CeruleanGamer

5 years ago#26
1. Lambda Theos - **** that Shooting Star.

2. Trials of Graces - 3 Cryas Dragons PLUS Solomus - I tried this at level 130 and got completely destroyed. Tried it again with dualized final gear and it wasn't so bad.

3. Kurt on Chaos - Just annoying. <_<

4. Solomus - Ooops, I forgot I'm not suppose to use an item when he's 5% HP. Dammit!!!
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User Info: Azure_lKite

5 years ago#27
1 - Emeraude: The one who killed me most times. The AI is mad stupid on this fight (not even Sophie can dodge her Trollbolt/Killing Field), and her black aura makes it really annoying to melee her. The one and only boss I had to use Arcane Bottles to force a Burst up until now.

2 - Malik (Solo) - He is insane. This fight can either be incredibly easy (when he throws his Bladerang) or incredibly cheap (when he cast ANYTHING), as he WILL kill you if you get hit by whatever he does.

3 - Parasite Queen - ROCK LANCE! Rock Lance everywhere. The only way I was able to beat this boss the first time was with a Lucky EB and Calamity Rondo... 2nd time wasn't near as bad lol

4 - Bladehorn Boar - Another two sided fight, like Malik. If you get him stuck in a combo, it's easy. If you let he start the digging and reinforcement spam though... >_>

5 - Cedric - Capable of one shoting everyone that doesn't wear Elvis clothes, but if you use Richard, he isn't THAT bad.

GG to Kurt, who only killed me once.
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User Info: demonfang178

5 years ago#28
1. Little Queens - There's like 4 different ones and they all differ in weaknesses. And because 4 can be on-screen at a time they achieve EB pretty easily making the fight even more one-sided.

2. Emeraude - Stupid foot fire ring...thing. I pretty much have to wait for her to get hit with a spell before I combo. And don't even get me started on her teleporting and hitting anyone from anywhere. Team hitting MA doesn't help either.

3. Kurt - This fight proves the AI needs work. Just dodge that goddamn move already!

4. Bladehorn Boar - A OHKO move with super armor and can hit multiple people and a dig move that does pretty much the same thing but deals about half? Yay.

5. Fodran Queen - Stupid lasers that can cause a number of status effects and stupid AI for not dodging them. Seriously, just dodge, the direction doesn't even matter.

User Info: kira385

5 years ago#29
lamda theos
fodra queen

fought them all on chaos and refused to lower the difficulty just so i can say i did it lol
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User Info: electric_emu

5 years ago#30
I won't order them particularly... but...

Bladeboar (would always be doing so well until he killed just one person). Still managed him on Chaos though.

Cedric (those minefields..,). Couldn't do it on Chaos. After the umpteenth try I realized I was NOT having fun :P

Kurt (gah). Managed him on Chaos... but... to quote Malik "it wasn't pretty"

Emeraude. I can live with killing field... but not her damn shadow poof death thingy. Ugh. Have yet to try her on Chaos, but I did it on Hard fairly easily.

Fodra Queen final battle. I didn't know how Blue Earth worked until I looked it up how-to-beat-her strategies on these boards. Then the fight was more tedious than difficult.
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