Eleth Mixer to the Max

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User Info: SparNar607

5 years ago#1
Does anyone have any idea how to expidite the process? I want that trophy but I'm only at about 3800 eleth points
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User Info: TyrantLowKey

5 years ago#2
I just did it today took me 140 hours. Of course I started doing it efficiently after like 4000 or so. Make sure you have meals that look based on levels or such, have book of satiation, book of growth and book of potential and have a dish that cooks AFTER the fight is over (3 cooks per battle). This works quite well until you hit 9000. Then it's a slow and arduous process that requires patience and perseverance (lol): basically time consuming.
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User Info: Table-kun

5 years ago#3
It's either the Lhant hill or Rockgagong trick.

The Lhant hill trick is something like carrying a bunch of books and foods that cook at the end. The idea is to choose stuff that will always be active without some kind of trigger. Like stat halving books and obviously the ones that increase your eleth growth by cooking and possibly the book that lets you cook two dishes at once.

The Rockgagong trick is something about a 30 hit combo on the rockgagong and escaping and repeating the process again. I'm sure there's a topic with a better explanation if you search it up.

Both are tedious as hell but I have no idea which is faster. Some people say Lhant hill, others perfer the Rockgagong. So take your pick and go with the one that isn't as boring to you.

User Info: Enju

5 years ago#4
Sing it brother! I'm also having this problem and I've already beaten the main arc.
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User Info: Jmans

5 years ago#5
have miso-soup cook after battle and use the ones that cook for combo hits ( I used the ones that activated with 40hit and 50hit combos) then just do runs through zhonecage and keep cooking away there is a book that gives a bonus to eleth when you cook that you should put into the mixer as well I forgot the name now it should go without saying that using the book that allows you to cook twice during battle be used as well

you should have no problem getting from where you are to like 7500 or so in a few hours after that it takes a lot longer but just keep at it ..there is also some DLC that adds eleth to mixer
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User Info: valh4lla

5 years ago#6
There is a video in youtube called mixer maxed by exeforce87 which shows a really good guide as to how to get the trophy.
Basically, you want to cook as many as possible in 1 battle which uses the most eleth.
Also, Dont equip book of restraint as it will decrease the exp earned by the mixer. But you can still use book of frugality (if im not mistaken) to reduce the consumption of the eleth

User Info: TyrantLowKey

5 years ago#7
My setup had all the main books. I had Miso Stew (for tempering as well) until 50% eleth and then Chicken Curry for below 50%. I had Grape Parfait and Miso-Glazed Cod (I think that was it. Supposed to do 40+ hits and increases chances of shards dropping). This way I could actually Temper equipment while I increased my Eleth. Made it less of a chore.
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User Info: Phophenomenon

5 years ago#8
I did the rockagagong trick for about half and hour and went from 3500 to 5000. Just keep at it and you should be there in no time.
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