Prelude to Plague - No Second Peasant?

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User Info: xFUSULUx

6 years ago#1
My physician asked for my merchant to track down the second ailing peasant. Only, there isn't one. I have been just doing their day to day tasks for almost an in game week now. No yellow quest related sim bubbles to point me toward anyone. No special options (that I have found) for career related furnishings. Just plain old stuck. Anyone that has done this quest, can you tell me if this mystery plague victim was just milling around town, or did you need to do something specific to find them?

User Info: testingnorman

6 years ago#2

I can't remember exactly since that was a long quest,

but did you try asking around?

my memory of this part is very very vague, I might've used asked someone random on my merchant and was able to track him down from there, hope that's right :(

User Info: vivianefs

6 years ago#3

I have the same problem. Help please! :o:(

User Info: razzle44

6 years ago#4
Hi, am also encountering the same problem. I have searched around all sims in the village to any that say ailening (I think there is a Joanne and Jacqlein in my game) - firstly I treated them both with a weak health drink, then again with a strong one. I then tried the operating table on both of them buy clicking treat sim for sickness, which I did with the leeches process. I successfully did that for both of them plus all sick sims that comes up in the list of patients with sickness - however at this point it doesn't complete that section of the quest, it just keeps allowing me to treat the same ailening sims over and over.
Somebody help us!! have gone so far in quest and really don't want to quit!

User Info: razzle44

6 years ago#5
Have completed it!

Reason why I couldn't find the second peasent because he came from the village and because he is sick he rarely showed up. Therefore by chance i found the yellow bubble pop up with this random pesant on it, so I ask to Medicate him at the Operating table. however because he was ill, he kept leaving to go home (all sim interactions become inactive so I couldnt do anything with him). So I decided to befriend and romance him - I invited him to stay they night so he would stick around - it worked and I medicated him
Then took a blood sample, created antidotes, burnt wheat at Crafthole with my merchant who was the assistant - the rest was very easy.
Not to mention along the way my physician got the peasant diease (don't kiss them!!) and had to search everywhere for ingredients for strong heath potion - so hint don't kiss anyone whos infected!

Hope this helps!
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