Where is the lobster from fishing quest?

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  3. Where is the lobster from fishing quest?

User Info: magicberyl

6 years ago#1
i have been fishing from the river for days. i think its not from there.

User Info: SouthpawSamurai

6 years ago#2
I personally found it in one of the pools down by the beach/dock. Just remember that your focus really needs to be off (I think my character's was about a third into the red) for you to fail and then encounter it.

User Info: Bladenyte

6 years ago#3
the spot you fish doesnt matter. but like the quest info says your focus needs to be very low.

so get into fights, get injured, eat gruel, dont do your responceabilities.. whatever will drop your green/red bar down into the red.

but be careful, because that will also cause quest preformance to start dropping real fast
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  3. Where is the lobster from fishing quest?

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