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User Info: Echriado

6 years ago#1
I've been trying to figure out how get this stupid marriage thing to work inside the game. I'm doing the quest called "Marriage" and I'm just standing around my betrothed like an idiot trying to figure out what to do. Has anyone completed this yet?

- I'm at the marriage site, I have the rings in my inventory but nothing is working.

User Info: jombon

6 years ago#2
I was stuck in that quest for a similar reason. I ended up abandoning it, and now I'm stuck in a different bugged quest.


User Info: TurboGuy16

6 years ago#3
Ramp up the romance and you should see the option to get married. I had my sim pretty much keep kissing his partner until that happened.

User Info: Asuir

6 years ago#4
Yeah, keep doing romantic things until it happens.

Fortunately for me, I already woohoo'd my betrothed before the quest.

User Info: runtheplacered

6 years ago#5

I'm not on that quest... but i've been romancing the heck out of someone with my bard just to check out the various options. But they won't go beyond a 'romantic hug' and 'hand holding', etc. No kissing, no woohoo'ing, no nothing. But they are 'best friends' with their friends meter all the way full. I think there has to be a bug involved.

User Info: catsimboy

6 years ago#6
You may have to do something like "Ask to court" as in "courting" (dating) not "I'm taking you to court!" And from there you can ask for marriage and then you'll get the option for marriage at the church or wherever you are. But make sure you're at the part of the quest that's telling you to do what you need to do and make sure the best man/bridesmaid has done everything they're supposed to do.
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User Info: LordRift

6 years ago#7
Having the same problem.

I am in the marriage quest and I have my lady with a full bar but I don't get the option to move forward. Earlier in the game to test out romance I started flirting with a trader and I asked to court her. Now it shows her and I are still courted but she never enters the town for me to talk to her or end it. Now I can't complete a main quest because my monarch won't ask the new girl to court or marry.

what do I do now?

User Info: Stormfeather

6 years ago#8
If you need to talk to the other woman to break up with her, try sending her a message through the message post, inviting her to your house or to a spot in the kingdom.

You can romance more than one Sim, but apparently not if you're Chivalrous, since that won't let you romance anyone but who you're in a relationship with. Also, I don't know if you can use another Sim to romance someone who's already in a relationship - I couldn't get it to work, but I might have just been unlucky.
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