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User Info: bconne

4 years ago#1
I'm just wondering if anyone else was having a similar issue as me. I've been playing through this game using a controller and it's been easy, but then when I switched to my game wheel the difficulty seems to go up exponentially. I had to tweak the controls a bit and I thought that was the issue but even once I've got the controls set up how I like them I still struggle to do any better than 5th place in a race on easy difficulty. I'm not an expert at the game but I don't feel as if I'm a particularly poor player either. It just seems as if the AI are simply on an extremely hard difficulty and after literally 5 hours of playing and practicing on tracks I still cannot even get a podium finish on the races I'm on (retro and modern c). It seems as if I might have to stop playing the game because I simply cannot progress (I can no longer use a controller with my computer). Also, I literally get rammed on the first corner or two of almost every race. 3 times out of five i end up restarting within 30 seconds because I've been pushed off the track and almost every single race I play i've been rammed off the road eventually. The difficulty issue was really to the point where I thought maybe there was a glitch and it was stuck on hard difficulty somehow.

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