RWD custom setup

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User Info: Shadowdagger88

5 years ago#1
Now, i know this game is annoying in that the cars dont handle too well. I currently own this game and i mostly use RWD cars. I fiddled with the tuning a little, and came up with a good setup for most RWD cars.

Tires and Brakes:
Front/Rear tire pressure- 25/25 or 30/30
Break balance- front, 30 or 35
Break pressure- 15
Steering lock- 25
Caster angle- 5
Frint/rear Toe- 30 out
Front/Rear camber- 20/20
Front/Rear ride height- 0/0
Limited slip acc.- 8
Limited slip dec.- 8
Limited slip preload- 0
Front/Rear downforce- 18/18 or 20/20(on faster cars)
Front/Rear Sway- 3/3
Front/Rear Spring- 4/4
Front/Rear Bump- 7/7
Front dampers- 1,4,1,1
Rear dampers- 1,4,3,3
Final- 5
1st- 0
2nd- 1
3rd- 2
4th- 2
5th- 3
6th- 3
7th- 4

These settings work well on most tracks, all depends on how well you drive. Hope this helps

User Info: Ryan-06

5 years ago#2

I'm back. Just to visit. lol man these boards died so quickly, amazing. I used to come here alot during launch when it was still crowded and people actually cared. It just died out and we all went back to Forza lol.
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