REALLY bad game

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User Info: Alex_GT4_Master

5 years ago#1
This has to be one the the worst racing games I have ever played! The handling of the cars is unlike anything on any other game, and is the most unrealistic handling model ever. The only way to explain it is like it has 4 trolley wheels fixed next to each wheel. It seriously slides to much, counter steers to much, and doesn't really do anything you want it to do. The drift handling is even worse, as it is almost impossible to drive in a straight line.

Contact with AI cars is another problem. Touch them from the side and you get stuck to them and the only ways to get off are crash into the wall or come to an almost complete stop. And if you nudge them from behind you'll spin instantly. So whoever made this game has clearly never watched racing before, especially touring cars as the nudge each other constantly.

The max driver level is only 20, and if you achieve the race objectives you should easily get this by 60% of the career progression, meaning money later on in the game is harder to come by.

The only good things about this game are the works conversions and the track selection, although you cannot really enjoy the tracks too much because of the awful handling model. And to think this was advertised as a competitor to GT5 or Forza 4, wow...

User Info: FSgamer

5 years ago#2
Here we go again...
FSgamer aka FS7
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