Torchlight 2 online play?

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User Info: Fade2black001

5 years ago#1
I played the first one and kept me entertained for many hours. I heard the 2nd one will involve online play. I was wondering if the online play is free. I think I heard that they were going to charge a fee for it back when the first one was out but that was so long ago. Or did they scrap the online idea altogether? I also heard they were thinking about an MMO as well? Can someone get me up to date on whats going on?
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User Info: FerretDruid

5 years ago#2
They aren't going to be hosting an online server and there won't be a fee for it.
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User Info: Fade2black001

5 years ago#3
Well if they're not hosting a server then of course it wont have a fee.... So they got of the online idea then huh? So its a SP only game just like the first then?
We're Americans! We don't quit just because we're wrong.
We just keep doing the wrong thing until it turns out right.

User Info: Shaidon

5 years ago#4
Online game, means that there is an official server that host the multiplay thought the internet.

But it will have multiplay. Not sure, but probably TCP/IP and LAN connections.

Personally, I hate games that only have online for multiplay, because the servers will eventually loose support.
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User Info: Isukun

5 years ago#5
It supports online or LAN play for up to six players. It's peer-to-peer, so there aren't any developer run dedicated servers, games are hosted by whoever starts a new online game. Runic will only be running a server for matchmaking, however.

Simple answer is yes, the game has online multiplayer.

User Info: Coltonh65

5 years ago#6
Also, if you're hosting the game and somehow lose connection, the game will "seamlessly" swap hosts so no one else gets disconnected.

The last I've heard about the MMO (if it comes out) is that it's going to be free to play. Max Schaefer said he wanted to keep it free-to-play because people wouldn't want 2+ subscription fees. Instead, Runic is playing around with the idea of some sort of cash-shop system, without pay-to-win gear, to generate revenue for server upkeep etc.

User Info: OmegaDL50

5 years ago#7
There is two netplay modes

LAN and Internet.

The Torchlight II beta was based on Internet (username and login pass based on Runic account with a matchmaking service)
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User Info: ShinEnzyme

5 years ago#8
As the poster above me said, it uses your Runic Account. The actual matchmaking service, when I tried it, felt like a throwback (in a good way) to the old server browsers - there was a list of games with title, number of players, ping, whether passworded/etc.

Games can be passworded or set to "Friends Only" (as you can maintain a friend list). Didn't see any Diablo 2 style option for text chat whilst setting up a game.
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User Info: functionzer0

5 years ago#9
With online play will it be like d2 where you have a seperate character for online play only?
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