No Proper Respec

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User Info: TimTomGoAwayYo

5 years ago#31
Not sure why everyone in this topic is crying. Just wait for the damn respec mod which will inevitably come out. Hell, if TL 1 is any indication it will come from Runic itself as an official mod.

The beauty of this game is if you don't like something there will likely be a mod to 'fix' it for you.

User Info: Coltonh65

5 years ago#32
jake-sf posted...
Instead of wasting their lives somewhere they don't want to, just because you like it that way. You like it that way, you keep doing it. Having everybody denied respec for it is dumb.

Nobody is denying anyone of anything. It was Runic's choice to include a (partial) respec option. No one else's.

The fact of the matter is this: The ARPG genre, as a whole, did NOT have a respec option at all. Call it archaic, call it backwards, I don't care. That's just the way it is. Runic evidently agrees. They didn't want a full and complete respec, otherwise they would have added it in from the start. Yet people are whining and *****ing that they can't respec? Well that's why you can mod it in when the editor is released and the purists can mingle with other purists, and the modders can mingle with other modders. Simple.

User Info: jake-sf

5 years ago#33
My answer was to some people against respec. I don't care what Runic did, like everybody knows it can be modded, so no, I don't care, but I'm arguing the base mentality regardless.

User Info: Robbyat

5 years ago#34
After 100+ hours of D3, I have to say that I am torn between no respec, and the D3 model. On one hand I do like the ownership that comes along with making permanent choices, was something I loved about D2.

As I get older though, and lessfree time, the lack of respec is becoming more of a hindrance to me than in the past. I am playing the game right now, and completely racked by indecision because I have no idea how these skills work end game, and there are no guides to help me understand those ramifications.
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User Info: Marikhen

5 years ago#35
Personally, the biggest factor on whether or not a game needs a "total respec" option is how divergent "leveling builds" are from "end-game content" builds. If your choices are like Diablo 2's for much of its life where you had to either gimp your "end-game build" to have an enjoyable, solid leveling experience or gimping your leveling (if you didn't get power-leveled) to have the most "optimal" build for doing the "end-game content" your choices pretty much suck.

On the flip side being able to completely redo your character any time you want doesn't really add much to the game either. Trying to take full advantage of it in most games will result in either a lot of time/money wasted or you being vastly over-leveled (or over-monied) for your content if you're the sort who wants to "experience everything" with each build variation they think of.

A hybrid of Diablo 2's and Torchlight 2's might work best, or at least a modified hybrid. Allow for one total respec every act or two, and as random rewards for killing some sort of super badass monsters, and keep the "last three points" one for use at all times. This should provide enough customization with enough checks and balances to keep most people happy without "watering down" any of the content at all.
Stop complaining. I could have done this more painfully. - Dryad from Sacred 2.

User Info: Shifter1178

5 years ago#36
I haven't played the game yet, what is the respec system?

User Info: TheNeoianOne

5 years ago#37
Not sure why this topic has as many posts and discussion that it does.

If you want to respec then do it (via cheat console) and/or wait for mods.

User Info: D1Tremere

5 years ago#38
Nintendo guy posted...
jpstovall11 posted...
This is pretty funny. Not having respec is a totally artificial sense of longevity. Oh look I screwed up on a few points, guess I better start the entire game over again, right?

How is it "artificial", exactly? You can play through the game again as the same class, but have a completely different set of skills. You even could play the same class more than twice with totally different builds each time, though you'd start to encounter some overlap at that point. If not being able to try out every skill for one class in one playthrough is "artificial" replayability, then so is having multiple character classes, since you can't experience all of them in one game either.

As for screwing up on a few points? Well, you're in luck! This game lets you respec the last three skill points you spent, so you can, in fact, fix your minor screwups.

D1Tremere posted...
If you don't want a respec option its the same as saying "I have no self control so therefore must limit other peoples freedoms to compensate for my failings"..

No, it's more like saying "I accept that the game is intentionally designed in such a way so that I'll have to play through with multiple characters to see every skill, and understand why there are way more skills than I have enough points to max out. I am also not a whiny 'casual' who wants everything handed to me through minimal actual gameplay effort."

Has nothing to do with playing through with multiple characters, it means you have to play through with the SAME character multiple times. Not just to see the skills, but sometimes forcing you to re start mid game and re play the entire first half with the same exact class just to build it in a way that isn't useless in the second half.

And again, if you want to make the same class over and over nothing's stopping you. It's a fascist way of forcing others to play the same as you. Exorcise self control, and let others play how they wish is my philosophy.
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User Info: Dn262seven

5 years ago#39
If you would like respec now, just enable console and use resetskills. It's the same as using a mod, but it's already available and built into the game. Search these forums for instructions.

User Info: Marikhen

5 years ago#40
Shifter1178 posted...
I haven't played the game yet, what is the respec system?

Last three skill choices, nothing for stats AFAIK.
Stop complaining. I could have done this more painfully. - Dryad from Sacred 2.
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