how does this aegis-ish engineer build look?

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  3. how does this aegis-ish engineer build look?

User Info: Rievers

5 years ago#11
Here are a couple of my thoughts on the tree: I realize you have some unspent points but still:

1) Shield Bash doesn't seem to do the damage that the talent describes.
2) Shock Grenade is IMO a much better and more controlled Overload.
3) Forcefield is amazing, but doesn't stack/play well with Aegis of Fate--I'd really recommend Forcefield over the Aegis.
4) No supercharge? Why would you skip this? Not only do you get faster charge generation, but the damage proc is fairly consistent and at 90% weapon DPS rather high. It's like a much better Sword & Board.
5) Sword & Board: It has been my experience that the amount of extra damage you get from this is fairly insignificant, even if you factor in the final point at 80%.

Here is my current endgame build idea:

Trying to find gear that has chance to stun on it, not 100% sold on the Spider Mines, but they are mostly cheap, and a great way to initiate a fight. Not 100% sold on Sledgebot yet, if I had the free points I'd probably spend it on Ember Reach or Immobilization Coptors.

Between Flame Hammer and Ember Hammer I'm still undecided. A fully charged up Ember Hammer is pretty much beastly, but its rare to hold that much charge for very long due to the damage output on Veteran and especially Elite.

Tried Gunbot out for awhile, and it has good DPS...but its AI can make it do stupid things and it is unreliable at best.

User Info: ZiggityZag

5 years ago#12
pwned3x posted...
Well he does have Charge Reconstruction, although if he's playing Elite he should definitely get as much healing as he can. I think Sword and Board is absolutely useless as you should rarely be doing melee attacks at all if you have Shield Bash. Also I think Coup de Grace is pretty useless as well for this kind of build because I've only gotten it to proc from melee attacks which, once again, is inferior to just spamming Shield Bash.

I'd take those 30 points and get Healbot and Spider Mines instead. Spider Mines are for the bosses who just do to much damage in melee and need to be kited.

I agree that sword and board is subpar, however, coup de grace is not.

Consider this, shield spamming 100% uses a substantial amount of mana resource. Permanently spamming shield bash can only be done by either abusing your X key until it cries, loading up on tons of mana regen, or investing points into focus.

The X key spam is viable, but it's going to be pricey, and I don't know when the potions cap. Probably not ever to a point where it's not viable, though.

Every modifier for mana regen is also viable, and if you have the gear for it, all the power to you. Mixing between fire and shield bash probably IS your optimal damage output.

Investing any points at all into focus is a waste of potential points elsewhere, so it's the least viable.

However, with Coup De Grace, you can interlace your bashes with auto attacks with a mana on hit effect. That means you'll be able to sustain your shields, and get coup de grace procs in between your shield bashing.

Personally, My recommended final build would be as so:

But for a reasonable 100 point investment instead of absolute max,

User Info: ZiggityZag

5 years ago#13
Also, you may be wondering why I get 1 rank into blast cannon. The main reason is because blast cannon is the simply amazing skill point friendly alternative to anything else ranged the engineer has:

1) It gives you 120% weapon DPS, something cannons do not lack at all. For one point, that's awesome.

2) It gives you a penetrating sniper shot that can fast travel and hit things even off screen. So, 120% DPS for AoE offscreen range damage PER target.

3) Cannons have a stun modifier included with the weapon, which will cause Coup de Grace Procs, which means a ton more damage.

4) Weapon firing speed is based on cast rate, the same stat you'll be using to optimize damage on bashing, so by optimizing for bash damage, you're indirectly optimizing for blast cannon damage.

User Info: Rikomi

5 years ago#14
why cant i see your skills in that builder website, all i see is the stats...
PSN: Rikomi

User Info: jivebeaver

5 years ago#15
Spootz posted...
Forcefield. Healbot is lame compared to forcefield.

forcefield is one of the worst skills ive ever used
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  3. how does this aegis-ish engineer build look?

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