Shred Armor on Berserker

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User Info: fcnd

4 years ago#1
Anyone else use this passive? First time I looked at the tooltip, it seemed pretty underwhelming. I put a few points into it and suddenly, my Berserker got a lot harder to kill. For just a few points, it practically doubles my armor whenever I wade into crowds with dual fists.

I doubt berserkers using two-handed weapons will find it useful and it doesn't help at all with magic wielding mobs but it seems pretty useful on Veteran at level 28. Anyone in late game using this skill? Is it still useful by then?
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User Info: TheSmarts

4 years ago#2
Prior to act 3 (on veteran) I had no points in it. However once i got to act 3 I started to die so I figured id try it out. Im level 42 now and have my Shred Armor at level 6 or 7. It does make a pretty big difference. Haven't died in a while.

User Info: Axel_Daemon

4 years ago#3
At 6-7, get fast hitting weapons (0.50-64) find Dervish III if you can.

Cast it.

If whatever you're wacking isn't dead yet. Then watch as you get 900 armor after hitting the guy after awhile.
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User Info: Scylene

4 years ago#4
I have the Shred Armor passive and the one that gives you lifesteal based on max hp on crits. I build a little Strength but mostly Dex (for more crits) and Vitality (for more max hp for lifesteal passive and the 2 shadow wolf skills that steal health as well).

The combination of those two passives with a fast hitting weapon like claws means I have tons of armor and and lifesteal just from my autoattacks. Even on veteran after a while I just stopped casting my other spells and autoattack things to death.

User Info: Zaishi

4 years ago#5
Pretty sure claws would be the worst weapon to use for shred armor or the life steal passives. Why use a single target weapon when you could be multiplying the effects by 10 by hitting a whole swarm of enemies all at once?

User Info: Bladeagle

4 years ago#6
Considering that the claws bypass half the armor, stacking that with shred armor is a perfect fit. They give you multiple options to hit enemies around your target, that lightning buff that has %50 chance to activate and hit another target (multiple if you keep leveling it) and the crit passive that hits 2 other enemies for every crit you make. Combine those with the fast attacking claws and a relatively high crit chance and you are good to go. Perfect for bosses/champions as you don't even need to target the minions, you just die from all the break off attacks.
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