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Sweet-aide potion

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User Info: Ronteque

5 years ago#1
So... what is this for? Are there any form of achievement from drinking this?

User Info: Cookie Bag

Cookie Bag
5 years ago#2
The ~200k damage potion? No, i drank it, got hit for 144 per tick, forcefield didn't absorb it, and i died.
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User Info: FouCapitan

5 years ago#3
If you want a laugh at your own expense, drink it.

Extra laughs if you drink it on hardcore.
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User Info: Lustcloud

5 years ago#4
In fact, if you can endure the effect you will get bonus 20 SP and will be flagged as the 'legendary crazy drunker'. lol~
Is anybody choose the boots? will it turn to legendary boots?

User Info: CircleOfManias

5 years ago#5
My friend misread it as "243602 health over 13.33 minutes" and decided to use it the next time we got to a boss. I didn't correct him, so hilarity ensued.
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