Newb Engineer - What Spec? :(

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User Info: Essence Void

Essence Void
4 years ago#1
Hi, just got this game, am playing an Engineer.

I am terrified of wasting points, as there are no respecs.

For some reason I find myself wanting to play a 1h/shield character - is it at all viable?


GT: SadisticFishing

User Info: zavlinz

4 years ago#2
the beauty of torchlight2 is that lots and lots of things are viable. So you can definitely play sword&board and dabble with skills in other trees too. Also, you can respec the last 3 points you spent. So you can test skills to see if you like how they play, and then switch.

User Info: the_rowan

4 years ago#3
Sure. Just pick up a gap closer and put 1 point in it (or possibly a few more if you want Onslaught's debuffs to last longer), some AoE crowd control (the stomp and spider mines are good choices), Force Field, Supercharge, Fire and Spark, 1 point in Coup De Grace, and a main attack skill. The most popular choices for those skills are Flame Hammer, Ember Hammer, and Ember Quake. Having 1 Ember Hammer is always helpful to break shields, and having 1 Storm Burst (even if you took Onslaught as your gap closer) can be nice to escape because it gives 60% damage reduction for a brief period. Some of the skills in the Aegis tree, like Tremors, Dynamo, and Overload can be useful to support yourself--just keep in mind you'll have to manage your charge properly, and you can't take too many skills. I would avoid Gunbot personally, but Immobilization Copter and Sledgebot are both useful (but not core) skills.

You can go strength or focus with equal viability, too--Flame Hammer is really the only melee engineer skill that doesn't scale as well with focus as with strength, to my knowledge (but it's still pretty close), and Ember Quake (supposedly) and the stomp (which becomes a powerful attack skill instead of a utility spell) are way better with focus, but strength makes your crits stronger for other abilities.
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User Info: Lord0bsidian

4 years ago#4
you don't need gap closers. no mob runs faster than you. if you're talking about getting to someone in the back of a group, well, i won't say you're doing it wrong, but it's not really necessary. it's usually safer and faster to kill the group first.
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User Info: Essence Void

Essence Void
4 years ago#5
Is there anywhere I can find a list of "staples I need to max out no matter what" and things like that?

How much do I devote to Dexterity/Vitality?
GT: SadisticFishing

User Info: Jiga35

4 years ago#6
Lord0bsidian posted...
you don't need gap closers. no mob runs faster than you. if you're talking about getting to someone in the back of a group, well, i won't say you're doing it wrong, but it's not really necessary. it's usually safer and faster to kill the group first.

In some situations though gap closers can be employed as gap creators functioning to get you out of nasty situation quickly.
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User Info: synthetiksin

4 years ago#7
Sword and board is amazing, it's what I'm using right now. Since you are a newb, don't worry about your build, especially if you are playing the game in normal mode. You can always roll your stuff back. Being able to heal yourself is very important so always have a healbot prepped and ready. If you want to alternate between using the cannon and the 1h sword, be warned that the build points sort of conflict, as in, one passive skill isn't going to affect your other alt, compared to having a 2h sword and a cannon where you just spend one point to upgrade both. The force field is pretty good for tanking like a boss, too.

User Info: Essence Void

Essence Void
4 years ago#8
I'm playing on Veteran.

What sort of build advice would you give me? I've maxed healing bot, but that's pretty much it so far.
GT: SadisticFishing

User Info: mmSNAKE

4 years ago#9
Every engineer should take forcefield. Every melee engineer should take supercharge and fire and spark.

Those are a must. Healbot isn't that important later on. Only good benefit is the mana regen and the slight armor boost, since in later levels you will keep your forcefield up the entire time. It's nice to have for the mana regen though.

Two main attacks you chose from are flame hammer and emberquake. Emberquake is if you dump points into focus otherwise flame hammer will suit you better. Coup-de-grace is an excellent skill to have as well if you have ways to stun (seismic slam, using hammers/cannons etc).

Those are essentials. From there you have plenty of choice. I have a lv 100 sword n board engineer on vet. My build is: Flame Hammer, onslaught, Seismic slam, 1 point into Storm Burst, supercharge, coup-de-grace, fire and spark, force field, and healbot with few points into bulwark.

I have good gear, but regardless I crush anything that comes my way and tank everything that comes at me without much problem. I had to step up to elite to make it more difficult.
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User Info: zavlinz

4 years ago#10
^you dont have to take forcefield at all. Iv played through the game as a 1-hand and shield engineer on veteran and im pretty unkillable without any points in forcefield. With a bunch of points in aegis of fate, bulwark, and the healbot armor bonus, the aegis procs become gigantic. Then i also use a quick charge generating skill, like shield bash, and quickly spend charges with points in recharge constitution to constantly stay full.
That said, forcefield is certainly very good, especially if youre playing in a group.
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