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User Info: Sain_of_Caelin

5 years ago#11
From: Ether_Strike | #009
who cares???? in a balanced party every gets those sick survival skills and the engineer will be out DPS'd by every single class

Well in a balanced party then there's no purpose in arguing any class, as you can just say "well that role is taken over by this other class. Beyond that, the fact that in a party an Engineer can throw up a forcefield for the whole party is a boon if anything. Solo shouldn't be the only factor, but it's certainly a factor. And I see what you're getting at with the solo comment, but that's not what I'm saying. I haven't sounded like that at all, I've been supporting my views.
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User Info: septorr

5 years ago#12
im solo with an engineer... the healing robot is awsome, just make 1 everytime you change maps it will never die. and you will never die also...
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User Info: cluecat

5 years ago#13
Engineer, just for being the most original class, but its also got a lot of versatility, good skills, best looking armor, ect.

User Info: ShogaNinja

5 years ago#14
I've taken both the Berserker and the Embermage into their 20s.

The Berserker, when duel-wielding, is a click fest that threatens to give you carpal tunnel, and break your mouse into 1000 pieces. He is generally underpowered (in my experience) and not even close to fun to play.

The Embermage, by contrast, is pretty awesome (I took fire spec). You are either holding the button down and throwing magma spears everywhere like an archer, sitting back throwing your wands at them, throwing a long cool down spell and switching back to magma spears, etc. What you AREN'T doing is clicking your mouse to death. You gotta watch your health and stay back but the magic that flies out kicks some serious butt. By far it is the better choice of the two, both in enjoyability, and butt kicking power. Between the ultimate power of fire you can also enhance ALL the elements in a passive skill as well as take one that when people hit you they are teleported away from you and have a chance to get a random effect as a result - which helps keep you from getting mobbed when your AOE has failed you (rare).

Embermage wins between these two, handily.

User Info: GoldenVoid

5 years ago#15
I have levelled ever class except Zerker to at least level 30 (60 in the case of Mage and Outlander). I rank the classes as follows in terms of sheer fun....

1. Embermage (has the most build diversity, almost feels like 4 classes in one)
2. Outlander (2 distinct builds, but you need to collect 2 full sets of gear and gems for them)
3. Engineer (the Cannon build is just so much better than anything else (cough...OP...cough) he really has only one build, and it's a pretty boring one)
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User Info: llaW_Enots

5 years ago#16
I've leveled an Outlander and Beserker. The Berserker is a beast. Currently that character is at level 56.
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User Info: Funkdefy

5 years ago#17
I finished my first playthrough with an Outlander. I'm nearly done a second playthrough with an Engineer and he's about level 48 right now. I had more fun with the Outlander. He had more interesting skills to me and with each level, I found it hard to place points, because there was so much I wanted to try. With the Engineer, the abilities don't seem as interesting, and I'm dumping all the points into only a few skills. So, I'd go with Outlander, at least so far.
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User Info: synthetiksin

5 years ago#18
Berzerker. Ultra high damage with useful skills. Doesn't need external stuff for heals.

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