About how long is Torchlight 2?

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User Info: Siveria

5 years ago#1
I am wondering how long this game is, I bought it on steam and well, I've barely put any time in and my char is almost level 30 on veteran, Still in the desert place, how many more acts are there? Leveling seems way to fast I think.

User Info: DahlVaughnni

5 years ago#2
You'll be roughly level 50 by the time you finish the game the first time. And level 80 when you finish ng+. There are 4 acts.
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User Info: Jiga35

5 years ago#3
It's quite long.
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User Info: Chakkan

5 years ago#4
20-25 hours if you take your time.

User Info: sockesocke

5 years ago#5
my first playthrough was 17 hours. i played at a moderate pace.
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User Info: Obsidus

5 years ago#6
My first play through was 35 hours. Before I beat the final boss I did about 10 Mapworks maps however.
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User Info: naughtydog2kO3

5 years ago#7
It's about 20-25 hours depending on how you're playing the game, either way it's pretty lengthy for this type of game.
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User Info: Tkmajing

5 years ago#8
10-15 hours if you know what youre doing. Its quite short when compared to games like Titan Quest or Dungeon Siege.
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User Info: SKA_

5 years ago#9
dungeon siege 1 and 2 are both about as long as torchlight. havent played titan quest.
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User Info: Peltar94

5 years ago#10
My first playthrough was about 25 hours, but I missed a little bit of exploring.....I missed completing a side quest and some easter eggs.
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