Prismatic Bolt ? Overpowered ? How ?

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User Info: Yokoso

4 years ago#1
Maybe i'm missing something...people keep talking about how broken Prismatic Bolt is.
When i look at Prismatic Bolt, what i see is an attack that does very little damage, attack only one target at a time, has a long enough cooldown, and fires in such a way, that most of its 5 shots can actually hit walls instead of target. How is it overpowered ? I started a mage, put a point in Prismatic, and its absolutely ineffective compared to the 1 point starting fire skill. Does Prismatic become overpowered at level 150 or something plus epic gear ? I dont have time or any desire to grind that far.

User Info: Sain_of_Caelin

4 years ago#2
If you crank all the elemental passive skills it becomes very cost effective.

User Info: thecrazyfrog

4 years ago#3
One you get the brands, PB's damage per level goes up slightly more than mob survivability does. The higher level you are the more OP the skill is.

User Info: Yokoso

4 years ago#4
I see, so its in the second half of the game. Yet its a level 1 skill, and people do talk about it as being overpowered in the beginning. I have no idea how you survive until 30s with just Prismatic Bolt.

User Info: vlado_e

4 years ago#5
1. It scales on Focus alone, thus negating the need to fine tune your abilities and equipment for maximum effectiveness. Every stat point goes into Focus, done. The only further optimisation that can be done is increased casting speed, but that's true for a lot of skills.
2. It has a very good chance to convey the elemental status effects.
3. This leads to it procing all the Brands pretty much most of the time.
4. Brands also benefit majorly from Focus. That boost in PB also makes the Brands hit for massive damage.
5. PB does not get (much) benefit from leveling up the skill, this means that 1 point is both cheap and about as effective as 5 points - with the massive investment in Focus, you'd soon be able to spam it non-stop as your mana regeneration would surpass the casting cost.
6. You can shoot around corners, down cliffs, even behind you. You pretty much need very little to no aim.

So, it's easy to optimise, easy to use and deals good damage. I don't know why you found the casting to be slow - it's cycling at 0.7 seconds.
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User Info: tiomasta

4 years ago#6
I'd go with that people didn't actually mean to say from level oneddy-one. If I'm not mistaken, its damage seems to get armor-soaked harder at the lowest levels because it's all relatively low numbers and almost nothing at the time, and also notably, right off the bat with a character you'd quickly run out of mana for it and have to resort to a few autoattacks before doing a single cast again, but with a Focus build for mana that doesn't take long to start changing (staying at that skill rank means it stays at that mana cost, and mana regen happens to go by a percentage of your max and you'll probably get bonus max and/or regen from a number of things, it should be way more spammable quickly and be a non-issue later), and it should suddenly get significantly stronger after you get the level 14 brands.

Prismatic Bolt is actually a pretty fast skill, and it doesn't have the minor hard-set cooldown some skills do, and it's not a channeled skill either (though you still can hold the button to repeat), meaning it can be affected by +Cast Speed bonuses if you have any.
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User Info: Taran_McDohl

4 years ago#7
Its OP. Also you do more damage the further away from the target you are. If you are point blank sometimes only 2 out of the 5 shots hit because 3 hit the ground for some reason. If you attack with a bit of distance all 5 can home in on a target and do massive damage. Add the brands to that...and wow.
When i fight bosses i let them get close while i PB them...teleport as far away as i can and do the same crap while they walk to me. If you can trap them...its game over.
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