Why are people bashing the graphics?

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User Info: I_Love_Chaos

6 years ago#1
I understand the HUD/plane angles are crap, but how about this:
Go to google maps
Go to Miami Beach Florida
and find a golf course and then go compare sands traps and the like
Also, American Airlines Center looks great, hell they even made a Hard Rock Cafe (next to AAC) look better than anything in AC0 or earlier.

I am completely in awe of what they did with the environment, now if they would promptly put the a playable game onto these environments, and ditch the "dogfights" I might consider buying it.
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User Info: Mwulf

6 years ago#2
People aren't bashing the environments, they're bashing the gameplay. People are criticizing the environments because they're satellite photos pasted on top of a 2D plane with geometry placed on top. Because those are GRAINY photos that look great from a few hundred feet up, but awful up close.

And because the water texture, though nice, is the same in the deep sea as it as on the coast as it is in a pond several miles inland.

And because the juxtaposition of these three disparate elements is very unflattering.

Miami is particularly bad because the grainy terrain texture is placed on a simple two-dimensional plane. The elevation does not very at all, anywhere on the entire map. That's lazy as hell. Previous AC games may not have had the same level of accuracy, but their maps were hand-crafted and looked beautiful.
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User Info: I_Love_Chaos

6 years ago#3
I stand corrected,

It would be nice for them to utilize the entire blu ray disc space and PS3 computing power and get any structure the size of a house or bigger fully rendered in 3D.
Oh My God, They Killed Kenny, You Bastards

User Info: Ishagu

6 years ago#4
I am not impressed because the satellite pictures could have been much higher res considering how much data the bluray holds.

This game was nerfed because of the 360. Graphically looks like a HD AC5/0

Gameplaye wise = Utter crap
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User Info: shads3055

6 years ago#5
because compaired to hawx and apache air assualt they suck..

im not sure to get this game or not.. im defently make a day of choice.. the graphics i dont know..

i think only way im getting this game is if it has freefly mode.

if it doesnt im going to get hawx 2 and apache air assualt
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  3. Why are people bashing the graphics?

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