I hate you, Namco

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User Info: rinchan

5 years ago#1
So my local game shop started stocking Euro version games. I have some leftover UK PSN credit leftover from my failed attempt to add Euro version DLC to my Asian version of Soul Calibur IV so I happily pick up a copy of Ace Combat Assault Horizon Limited Edition (BLES-01392) as well as some DLC off UK's PSN.

Curiously, the game doesn't detect the DLC but I shrug it off, assuming I need to clear Campaign mode once at least to use DLC. I finally clear it and am looking forward to trying out some new planes. But the game just can't seem to detect the DLC.

I redownload the DLC, hoping to get it to work but it doesn't work. So I take a harder look at the serial number. WHOOPS. [UK/RUS] have their OWN VERSION OF ASSAULT HORIZON.
(BLES-01393). And it DOESN'T WORK with the [EU] version!!!!! What the hell?!

I really really really hate you, Namco. You already screwed me once with Soul Calibur IV's region limited DLC. Now you have to screw me with Assault Horizon. Buyers, PLEASE be EXTRA CAREFUL buying their games if you want to play with DLC. >.>;



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