Dirt 3 System Requirements Question

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User Info: Gamesterpheonix

6 years ago#1

So this is my system:

Q6600 @3.2GHZ


GTX 260 Core 216

Windows 7

I know I could run Dirt 2 well if I liked but what about Dirt 3 - I feel like console limitations will enable us PC users to run the game without too many issues even though running it at max will take a little more horsepower. What do you guys think? Im not asking if I can run it - Im asking if I can run it and have it look good. Not max but good enough not to care about the extra goodies that come with an HD 6990 or something. lol. I dont care for DX11 or anything like that. Just to run the game, have it look pretty sexy and have it run smoothly.

User Info: n_e_w_d_u_d_e

6 years ago#2

these are the official system specs according to STEAM

system Requirements:

OS: windows xp, vista, windows 7

CPU: Amd athlon 64 x2 2.8ghz, intel pentium D 2.8 ghz

MEM: 2 gb

VIDEO CARD: Amd radeon hd 2000 256mb, Nvidia GeForce 8000 series 256mb



Reconmended system requirements for DirectX 11

OS: windows vista or windows 7

CPU: Amd phenom 2 or intel Core i7

MEM: 3gb

VIDEO CARD: Amd Radeon hd 6000 series


HARD DISK: same as above

It looks like this game was made to run good on AMD cards which is good since i have a 4650, maybe a 5670 by time game comes out. My CPU is a athlon x2 3.0 ghz so i barely be above recomened specs. Hopefully they will release a Demo so i can see how it runs.

User Info: ab2c4

6 years ago#3
You will have no problem running Dirt 3 smoothly.
P5Q Pro Turbo | q9550 | 4gb DDR2 800Mhz | EVGA GTX 470 | Corsair 750TX | Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB | Antec 902
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User Info: mAniaCinBLACK

6 years ago#4

they say the i5 760 is similar the lowest i7-1156 socket. just with no ht tech or 8 threads. I own an i5-760 and it plays every dx10 game with all settings on high perfectly with easy overclocking capabilitys. even gta episodes from liberty city wich really requires a 4 gig dual gpu or crossfire hd5970 to run full blast. i think this game will run ok on you computers gpu on dx10 because its technology was designed for your computer but as for dx11 you will find the most issues with your graphics card. or processor.

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