I'd like 3 metal things in 3 days...

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  3. I'd like 3 metal things in 3 days...

User Info: FearTheBadgers

7 years ago#1
Sure, let me just go buy 3 super vending machines, oh hey look at that, metal is low today, so I can get these 3 super vending machines for 120,000 excellent, I'm going to make a killing... What's that? The price of metal just went up? And you still want 3 metal things? Well that's going to cost you, oh, lets say 950,000, young man. Yes? You stupid f... I mean, nice purchase sir, please shop at recettear again.

True story

User Info: skillet64

7 years ago#2

Wow... Just wow... That's sure some jackpot you hit there lol

What day was that, and who was stu- I mean kind enough to buy them from you? xD

User Info: OnionMan6

7 years ago#3
I thought you couldn't sell vending machines unless it's back to the merchant guild or market?
Waiting for FFXIV~

User Info: odin10

7 years ago#4
You can sell them by putting them in your vending machine; and from orders as well apparently.

User Info: csnorlax

7 years ago#5
True. because I did it with 2 metal items. also with a price increase.

User Info: CrazyRossco

7 years ago#6
Vending machine within a vending machine.

What has science done?
Don't suffer from insanity, enjoy it.

User Info: arleas

7 years ago#7
After reading this topic I was looking to get rid of my old crappy vending machine and so I put it in the bigger one and it worked. Saved me some money....

User Info: Banzatou

7 years ago#8
.....welp, I know what I'M doing for my next metal buyer~
Glass-stained yayness!

User Info: arleas

7 years ago#9
I had a guy ask for metal so I saved before he was due to show up and then offered him my vending machine (before I put it in the other vending machine to sell it) and he refused it. Of course I'm rather early in the game where few people have 30000 to spend apparently.

I offered him a vending machine and some metal armor and he said "nope, don't need that. Thanks" and walked away.
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  3. I'd like 3 metal things in 3 days...

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