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User Info: rastal66

6 years ago#1
What exactly have you found to yield a full star instead of a partial? The best I can figure out is to do the mission very fast and complete every objective, but even doing this sometimes ridiculously fast doesn't fully star stages. Anyone shed any light on this?

Also, there are some stages where at the end it checks off objectives and one thing will be unchecked but I'm SURE I killed every hidden boss, killed every group of guys long enough for a guard captain to show himself, got 200+ kills, ran around all over the map to trigger hidden bases to pop up, and still something at the end isn't checked. My best guess is a time goal is actually a specific listed objective on that mission?

I can't read any of the objectives at all. What are some examples of objectives I might not be realizing are there? Kill count? Max combo? Are time goals ever specific listed objectives? I'm trying to fully star every stage on campaign to unlock the last 3 characters (at least that's supposedly what it leads to.).

User Info: rastal66

6 years ago#2
Just sortve slashing my way through various missions I'm starting to answer some of my own questions. Time limit does not seem to be a big deal on the missions I was 4/5th starring. Kill count is definitely a listed objective and the way you can tell, if you are like me and can't japanese or didn't bother to check the objectives- whenever you achieve a kill count that either unlocks a gate or something else in the stage you will get a pop-up message in the center of the screen that says "something something *40* something!" and this type of message also pops up if you pass a threshold for a killcount objective. One of the first 10 or 12 missions definitely had a kill requirement over 200 and I got a pop-up when I passed it and finally ticked off the last objective I had been missing.

On another stage I didn't actually check off all the objectives but still got a full star. It was a stage where a fire is lit behind you and a boss is behind it but you cannot get to him, and the final win condition is to kill the other main enemy character in a different area. I'm guessing the original objective was purposefully a foil and the fire was a trap/surprise changing the mission reqs.

I've also taken my time and gotten as many as 400 kills and maybe 15min to pass a mission and still got a full star on missions with 6 or 7 objectives, so time, for the most part, doesn't seem to matter.

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