Yay! Got Wood Boy!

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User Info: Swan3624

5 years ago#1
Naturally, as you can see from the title, I'm a newb. This will probably be the only "No deaths in XXXX level" achievement I'll ever get XD

But I'm so excited! I got 100% on that world now (light and dark), sans beating the negative level (seriously, wtf on that one).

The achievement for getting no deaths on the dark world of this world will be a toughie, though. There are two levels in particular that I am not excited about on that one.

The one thing I'm not enjoying about the game is fans. It seems like every element in the game has a pattern that is learnable, but fans are so random... anyone else feel this element of randomness is just a tad of a turn-off?
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User Info: SeijinMisako

5 years ago#2
Congratulations. The only tip I can give you if you're going to attempt the dark world version is to do the first two stages you have trouble with first, and then to the rest. You can beat a stage, then go back to the stage selection screen once the following stage begins, and proceed normally afterwards. You do not have to do stages 1 to 20 in that specific order.

Fans aren't random.
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