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User Info: Soccerocker9

4 years ago#1
Hey all. I know this board doesn't see a lot of use so I might be talking to myself here.

I've beaten the game, and finally gotten Golden God, after more than my fair share of deaths and heartache. I'm now going through the levels and trying to get better times. Nothing too new or exciting and I'm obviously a couple years behind. What i was wondering is, can anyone give me a ballpark for the bare-minimum legit-achieveable overall score for me to shoot for? There are a large number of scores on the leaderboards that are undeniably hacked, but since the transition is so smooth in many places I don't know where the skill ends and hacking begins.

This is really for my own peace of mind, I don't expect to be getting #1, even among the legit scores, but I'd like to see how close I could get.

For the record, I'm currently at #1182, with a time of 3275.65. Thanks!
XBOX360: IcarusWings961 // Steam: Soccerocker9 // LoL: Soc
This is a bad idea.

User Info: GiantCherry

4 years ago#2
I can give you an indication, but my time is on the Xbox 360 though... anyhoo, my total time on the xbox is around 2740 seconds. It should be beatable with pc, since you got Naija...
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