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User Info: Master_Pwner

4 years ago#1
I have just tried to unlock freaking The Kid for an entire "/%$% hour to no avail.

Honestly I have played this game for 9 hours total, and am 39% progress so far, and now I have just wasted an ENITIRE HOUR to absolutely ZERO RESULTS.

Not in a single sitting two, scattered across 3 sittings today, I had to stop each time because I was about to throw my controller at my screen, I love this game but it's also the worst game ever.


User Info: wanna300454

4 years ago#2
I know exactly how you feel. Not more than an hour ago I got into what is very likely one of the greatest video game rages I've ever had! I was hopelessly trying to get past this one level, probably died on it more times than I've died on any other level. I was literally screaming a 15 minute long monologue of how the game is absolutely fantastic, but they completely screwed it up with the unimaginable difficulty. I went as far as to saying that the creator of this game was Satan himself and that I had just fed the devil 14 euro and bla bla bla etc... Also, I could feel my head heating up and realized a bunch of pressure was going to it, I could have sworn that if I continued playing I would have popped a vein no doubt.

It's a real shame, I don't know why a developer like Team Meat wouldn't bother publishing a game with in-explainable difficulty. I don't know, maybe I just really suck at the game and the game isn't difficult at all, but if that's the case then it would only make me angrier.

User Info: thecrazyfrog

4 years ago#3
It isn't time wasted. You'll get there eventually... maybe.

User Info: SeijinMisako

4 years ago#4
You played the game for a total of nine hours, and you tried for one hour. That might be part of the problem. It takes a long time before you really start to master the physics of the game. When I unlocked The Kid, it took me roughly two hours, and I had a couple dozens of hours of game time.

Try again later, perhaps.
"What kind of moron gets hit by a bus inside a shopping mall?" -Maria Torres, Trauma Team
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