Cheat/Mod to practice individual level sections?

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User Info: ColonelCustard

4 years ago#1
Is there a cheat/mod that would enable one to practice sections of a level? I'm trying to finish Light World, but the second half of the last level is pretty much unlearnable, as you have to play the first half of the level for hours on end just to get 1 second of practice time on it (which at Super Meat Boy speeds is really not useful at all). Would really like to beat this game. It's annoying having a main character in a platormer whose movements you have to over-correct so much on.

If switching characters was allowed, this level would have been completed in about 5 minutes

User Info: MagicianRed

4 years ago#2
Google Search for "Cheat Engine 6.3" That should lead you where you want to go.
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User Info: TheShiftyGuy

3 years ago#3
I actually really like this level because it forces you to become good at Meat Boy's mechanics, rather than most levels that can be beaten with brute force and 1 lucky attempt.

In my opinion there is only 1 part of this level which is actually difficult (for this point in the game), which is falling back down after grabbing the key. Everything else is just moderate / easy jumps, you just have to be consistent.

If it is the key part you are having a problem with, I would suggest finding a different level where you can just practice Meat Boy's air mechanics after just leaving a wall.
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  3. Cheat/Mod to practice individual level sections?

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