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pacifist run, and build questions (spoilers)

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User Info: fig314

5 years ago#1
This is my first playthrough. and I thought I'd try a pacifist run. Everything is going well until I get to sector X and have to fight Asha for the second time. I couldn't avoid killing him, and then saw in a guide that to complete a pacifist run, that encounter needs to be avoided entirely, which requires 10 points in Tassen, Komato, and Crack. However, by this point, I had maxed everything but Komato, and was only halfway to max on Attack. I know I could have rebooted, but the cost seemed pretty steep.

So, I'm going to start another pacifist run from scratch. I also want to explore more, and make sure I find all the ribbons, posters, etc. What I'm wondering is what a good build is for that. That is, you only get 5 skill points a sector, 50 total, and that's not enough to max everything. Obviously something has to suffer. With this run in mind, what skills should I boost, and in which sectors? Thanks.

User Info: Kaelin

5 years ago#2
Rebooting does not have to be that bad: if you do not focus on keeping your Health maxed out on Sector X, the main loss from rebooting will be the ammo rather than the Health, and you're not going to need all that ammo against the final boss anyway (Massacre and Resonance Reflector will be your weapons of choice, especially if you have maxed out Health and maxed out Assimilate, which helps you slow down damage you take and make it easier to recover health). The important thing is to clear out the pathway between CFIS and the stat boxes so you don't have to put yourself in unnecessary danger when you are messing around with your reboots.

If you don't want to bother with rebooting, then I think Strength is a good stat to sacrifice. Health is worth maxing out, so you'll either (1) have to sacrifice Assimilate or Attack, or (2) get four Supercharges [each one increases your stat limit by 1, so getting 4 allows you to max six stats]. If you want to keep things simple, you can skip Attack, because you aren't going to actually shoot much of anything in this game (except Assassins, Tor, and *maybe* Proxima -- and Attack does not affect the damage you do with Massacre and Reflector against Tor). If you want to max six stats without using reboots, you have restrictions to deal with:

Sector 1: Requires 4 Strength. I don't recommend this unless you will reboot.
Sector 2: Requires 6 Tasen and 2 Health
Sector 3: Requires 6 Crack and 3 Komato
Sector 4: Requires either 4 Strength (by kicking down a door) or 2 Health (by taking a rocket to the face to get over the 4 Strength door). I recommend the second option.
Sector 5: Requires 9 Crack and 10 Tasen
Sector 6: Requires 8 Crack, 3 Tasen, and 6 Komato
Sector 7: You need to win the boss fight without kicking it for electrocution. It's possible, but it's tricky, especially without a reboot, so I recommend just beating the boss normally and skipping the Supercharge.
Sector 8: Requires 5 Crack
Sector 9: Freely available on a Pacifist run
Sector X: Can't get it in an Innocent run

If you don't need to be a perfectionist, you will probably want to skip the supercharges in Sectors 1 and 7, and you'll obviously need to skip it in Sector X. You need to get 4 of the other 7 to max six stats, so you can either try to get them all, or you can skip ones that are inconvenient for you. The supercharges in Sectors 2 and 5 go hand-in-hand, so you should get or skip them as a group. The same goes for the supercharges in Sectors 3 and 6. You pretty much can get the supercharges in Sectors 4, 8, and 9 without special effort, so you really only need to bother with either the one in Sector 2 or the one in Sector 3, but getting all of the ones in Sector 2, 3, 5, and 6 do let you max out various stats sooner rather than later, so you may just go ahead and get all the ones in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9. If you do that, then your stats need to grow like this:

Sector 2: Health 2, Tasen 6 (4 points free)
Sector 3: Health 2, Tasen 6, Komato 3, Crack 6 (3 points free)
Sector 5: Health 2, Tasen 10, Komato 3, Crack 9 (8 points free)
Sector 6: Health 2, Tasen 10, Komato 6, Crack 9 (11 points free)
Sector X: Health 2, Tasen 10, Komato 10, Crack 10 (28 points free)

Obviously with Sector 2, you need to allocate one of your "free" points into either Komato or Crack so you have enough points allocated for Sector 3. It's generally a good idea to assign some of these points into Health and also other stats, but you also want to train the *required* points in advance enough in case you do not end up with enough levels by the time you reach an area of interest (these points free assume you will have achieved the max level allowed in that Sector, and you may not have done so by the time you reach a point-of-no-return for getting a Supercharge) or for the possibility that you miss a Supercharge and accidentally save your game.

Good luck.

User Info: Ultimortal

5 years ago#3
If there's health pickups nearby, the only permanent cost of rebooting is basically just your current ammo, as Pure Imaginary said. All your weapons are dropped on the floor and no points are lost, so it'd be much faster to reboot in Sector X in your current game.

It's not possible to get all the posters in a 0 kills pacifist run, but after beating the game you unlock Single Sector Warp which lets you revisit levels and get the posters you missed. The ribbons need to be collected in a single playthrough, though.
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User Info: Kaelin

5 years ago#4
I have to correct my list a bit:

The Sector 4 Supercharge is difficult to get, since the path to it will almost certainly involve you killing (running over) someone, so you'll probably just have to skip this one.

Sector 6 actually does not require the setup I described. You can just use the Nuke, like you did in Sector 5.

As a minor point, I should have said Sector 9 automatically takes care of itself with an Innocent (0 kill) run rather than a Pacifist run (which may be taken to mean a low-kill run), since killing a particular soldier can ruin the access, even if your kill count is still very low. It doesn't change anything for you, though.


Regarding the Ribbons, you don't need any particular build for those, so (as Ultimortal mentioned) you just need to focus on getting them all in one go.
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