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User Info: JohnnyTheWolf

1 week ago#1
I have just found out about the 1.7 release, which made me want to replay the game.

However, I did notice a few typos. Here are the ones I have noted so far:

- In the room at the very beginning, Sonia Plait's first log says "prepeared"

- When Iji asks Dan why the outside world has not reacted to the Tasen invasion, he replies by claiming that there ship is "stealthed". Is that really a word in English? Maybe it is because of my familiarity with Star Trek, but I would have used "cloaked" instead.

User Info: JohnnyTheWolf

1 week ago#2
In the Stats and Special Traits screen, "weild".

User Info: Ultimortal

1 day ago#3
Thanks! Maybe I'll do a small hotfix of 1.7, I've noticed some other stuff as well (Asha's mines don't makea sound when striking Iji, there's a mistake in a Sector map).

As for Dan, he doesn't have a clue and just attempts to technobabble there. :p
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