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Need HELP, Last Mission!

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User Info: zaynn

4 years ago#1
So appears to be im on the last mission , and im doing it on hard difficulty. I keep trying to take everyone out and use the song birds to destroy the ships. But everythings To much ! Any tactics i could use, or ways for me to beat this?

User Info: WakeUpMrBubbles

4 years ago#2
So one of the best ways is to make sure when they drop patriots to focus on taking one out at a time. Possess one and the others will be distracted and put a hurt on the Patriot as well as give you a moment to breathe. Any time they aren't shooting at the core is a useful tactic. Don't be afraid to use Songbird on the ground enemies if you have to or if the core gets swarmed.

I used a build described in my other thread (Here):

that let me basically tank these enemies and keep them firing at me instead of the core and that worked very well. It's not easy but if they're shooting at you instead it gives you time for the Songbird to recharge and attack the Zeppelins.
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User Info: OMG_AIDS

4 years ago#3
Patrol the perimeter of the ship and blast enemies of the edge with undertow. This especially useful for the rocket wielding enemies.
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User Info: zaynn

4 years ago#4
okay thanks for this i'll see if it works out! what do u suggest for my powers i use the crows and possession ?

User Info: Caede

4 years ago#5
Your goal is to knock out the Zeppelins as fast as you can.

You send Songbird on the first gunship, clear out the gunners with RPG's/Sniper Rifles. Now this is important they will send 3 ships, two will have gunners that jump on deck and the other will send 2 Armored rocketeers up top. Also at this point the first White Zepp shows up on the right side.

Skyrail around and have Songbird take out this first Zepp easy. Then immediately go up each walkway and push the two Rocket guys off. At this point just clean up the ground as much as you can. SAVE songbird.

When the Robots show up the fastest/efficient way to kill them is to run behind them and hit them with the water Vigor. (forgot the name) then 3-5 shots on their gears with sniper rifle will drop them. Clear out the ground troops again and check for two gunmen up top on each side.

Next wave of troops, drop songbird on the front of the ship as soon as they drop them off killing the robots and troops. RPG the gunship and by this time you can use Songbird again. Send songbird on whatever you feel you need to.

Quickly Skyrail towards the Zeppelin coming in on the left and board the red transport ship next to it. Jump onto the Zepp and run inside just like you did during the story and sabotage the engine run out go back to your ship.

At this point the last Zepp should show up. Songbird will be ready and you can skyrail right next to it and have him attack. Immediately clear your ship of stragglers and it ends.

Have done this 3 times now. Twice on PC Hard/1999 and once on XB360 Hard. Working through 1999 now. The white Zeppelins are the key once you finish them it stops spawning gunships/dropships.

TL;DR Hint you can sabotage the white Zeppelins yourself by boarding them and running straight to the engine. This lets you use songbird to protect the decks.
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