**** This Ghost Fight

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User Info: Duckyhunter

4 years ago#1
I have to use all my ammo just to get the stupid boss below half health, then I die. Then her minions start killing me over and over, and she gets back to full health. Only now all my ammo's gone.

Did they honestly play test this ridiculous fight on hard or 1999?
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User Info: shadowknight93

4 years ago#2
Well maybe if you hadn't tried to **** the ghost there wouldn't have been a fight.

User Info: Deadmeat20

4 years ago#3
Bring it in big guy, I know your feels. I was so annoyed! Really, the only reason I beat the Siren was because she glitched into a rail and I was able to just shoot her for ten seconds straight. But even that didn't do much damage.

Maybe there's a trick that we were supposed to figure out? I simply cannot believe that this enemy got through play testing when its just like this.

(BTW, I think if you disintegrate enemy bodies, she can't bring them back. I actually did this to an enemy with a volley gun, and she never brought him back. I would like someone to test this out.)
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User Info: DrFrankDracman

4 years ago#4
shadowknight93 posted...
Well maybe if you hadn't tried to **** the ghost there wouldn't have been a fight.

Well played.
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User Info: Trogdom

4 years ago#5
I used the murder of crows power with the extra that turns murder of crow victims into traps or w/e you call it, cast it once on her minions then shot them a few times and murder of crow traps everywhere for when she tries to respawn them, but yea, she is a bullet sponge.

User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#6
You think thats bad, wait for the airship fight about an hour later

User Info: Rambo220

4 years ago#7
Just finished this fight earlier. My main strategy is shoot crows at the guys on the ground and focus fire on her. The vigor which absorbs bullets(and the upgrade allows you to get ammo) helps as well. In the moments when you are trapped and out of ammo shoot the crows out and when she goes to a dead guy to revive him run and grab a gun(sometimes you will die but as long as this isn't 1999 mode you should spawn back with the new gun).

Mine main idea is not to waste ammo on the soldiers unless I have to. If I do, its to bring her over to revive the guy so I can get a better shot at her.

BTW: For the third fight try to get you sniper rifle damage upgraded and just use the sniper from the corner with the dollar bill machine and get headshots. IMO it was the easiest fight of the three but then again I only had pistols for the first two fights.

User Info: BlameSaint

4 years ago#8
If that's your first fight against the siren wait till the other two times! yay you!
Oh then the airship. ha.....haha.......MWAHAHAHA


4 years ago#9
Charge fully upgraded
Gear:Burning Halo, Blood to Salts, Vampire's Embrace and Brittle Skinned
With all of that I beat the siren in 15 seconds on 1999 mode you should try it.

User Info: arc125

4 years ago#10

This setup makes any fight on 1999 a joke.
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