any tips beating the zeppelin fight? (spoilers, maybe?)

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  3. any tips beating the zeppelin fight? (spoilers, maybe?)

User Info: w00dy925

4 years ago#1
When you control songbird, how in the f*** do you get past this part? I spend the majority of my time trying to defeat the waves and waves of patriots. The songbirds cooldown time is pathetic.

Any tips on how you beat it? Ive done it 4 times and failed all 4.

User Info: Red_Plushie

4 years ago#2
use songbirds only on ships that have that huge gatling gun on the bottom and on the blimps. Don't use it on ships that carry only enemies nor on the enemies themselves. Possession is op, use it.
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User Info: Gold25one

4 years ago#3
Huh i got it on my first time on hard >_>

Just take care of the zeppelins on the right of the ship yourself and use the songbird to kill the infantry.

The ones on the left though you have to use the bird for them but again use your vigors to distract kill the infantry at this time and shoot down the smaller carriers with the turrets on them yourself.
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User Info: BathBlood

4 years ago#4
I beat it on hard on my third try at it.

As soon as the zeppelin spawns, go for it (you can't attack it before it launches it's patriots unfortunately).

When a rocket barge shows up at the front of the ship, have songbird deal with that (the cooldown is not as long as the zeppelin).

I managed to get finally do it with shock jockey (set traps in the path of the patriots) possession (possess a patriot or rocket launcher enemies) and undertow (to launch low level baddies away when they gather around the ship core thing, and you can get rid of rocket guys much faster by tossing them off the airship).

If you are getting overwhelmed and everyone is attacking the core and gathering around it on the little platform below it, make sure you use songbird to squash them, the cooldown is like 8ish seconds for the stomps.

Weapons I used were shotgun, volley gun, rpg and sniper rifle.
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User Info: Kaiser393

4 years ago#5
Vigor usage is really important in this fight. Possess the Patriots or spam Shock Jockey on them to stop them from hitting the ship. You Bronco or Crows on the infantry (or you could use Shock Jockey if you got the chain lightning boost).

I did this one 4 times before I beat it, when I finally did beat it, I was just spamming vigors not worrying about running out of salt because there is so much salt around.

User Info: w00dy925

4 years ago#6
Thanks guys. As i posted this, my next try i beat it. I possessed the s*** out of the patriots and finally got it. Possesion is super op lol.

User Info: jakeDiLLa

4 years ago#7
I had issues with it too, I thought I destroyed all the zeppelins but if you go to the bow of the ship and look back there's a bunch more.

I used Return to Sender A LOT
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  3. any tips beating the zeppelin fight? (spoilers, maybe?)

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