any tips for flagship core defense?

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User Info: Sixxx

4 years ago#1
This is getting annoying and Im playing it on hard. Any full proof methods for this level?

User Info: TheFabulousRBK

4 years ago#2
Traps. I got boned 4 times before I realized traps everywhere. And also, possess all the rocket dudes.
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User Info: FernieODST

4 years ago#3
I did it on hard as well. Use song bird on the small ships directly shooting the core while you open the snipers tear and pick off the thugs one by one with headshots. They dont even acknowledge your existence so its easy to kill them one by one.

Once the first zeppelin comes, it drops Patriots 2 at a time. they start pretty far back and slowly progress to the core. Wait until them, along with other enemies, gather near the core and summon songbird on them. It works best if you summon the songbird while riding the Skyline towards the zeppelin. Its best to take down every zeppeling on your own and use the songbird on the threats near the core.

The cooldown for songbird is much shorter if used on areas of the ship where soldiers are versus on a zeppelin. so DO NOT waste him on a zeppelin unless its the very last one and hes available and you can kill the rest of the threats on your own.

A tear for the snipers is located on the very top of your ship. just ride the skyline and hop off on it to access it.

For the pre-zeppelin parts, utilize a combo of your MoC trap and DK trap. The combination does a lot of damage to the more armored enemies while you headshot the weaker ones.
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User Info: Frost_LASER

4 years ago#4
Spam the traps like no tomorrow in the general middle area of the map and a bit in front of it (shock jockey preferred). Have charge equipped with a shotgun to traverse the map quickly to bludgeon then point blank straggling enemies in the face. Use RPGs on the rocket pods of those drop ships missile launchers (you can use a shotgun to but it's less effective). One gear peice deals a shock charge to nearby enemies if you overkill an enemy, this greatly helps with crowd control and you can basically stun lock groups of enemies until they are all dead.

Near the end when two Zeppelins come use songbird on the right one and shoot at the lower area of the Zeppelin on the left with RPGs to destroy it. Watch for rocket men dropping near the starting area and possess them or beat them to death and always watch your health. Use the zip lines if no enemies are nearby to charge at. If you have enough traps and like to snipe go up to the top of the ship with the zip line.

User Info: Sixxx

4 years ago#5
Ahhh I spent more time on my health and armor than my magic bar. :( I still cant get past it Im sooooo close to switching it to normal.

User Info: Frost_LASER

4 years ago#6
Sixxx posted...
Ahhh I spent more time on my health and armor than my magic bar. :( I still cant get past it Im sooooo close to switching it to normal.

Just blow a few rounds searching for all the salts on the map, that way you know where they are when you run out.

User Info: flannelman94

4 years ago#7
pretty similar to FernieODST, I used possession on the RPG vox, kill the rest however you like (for me that was bucking bronco + shotgun), I also find it easier if you use winter shield and keep jumping on and off the skylines to keep the invulnerability up. When the zeppelins show up and fire out the patriots I boarded them from the skylines and take them out from the inside, then use songbird on the area in front of the core as the patriots are usually there by the time I'm done with the zeppelin. This got me through on 1999 after failing to protect the core over and over with every other strategy.


4 years ago#8
I did it three times and failed before I came up with a strat that kept the core above 90% the entire fight.

Use fully upgraded Undertow.

Grab multiple baddies to YOU.

Shoot with a rocket. Or whatever. repeat.

Patriots short out from undertow, they are ridic easy. the Rocket guys are rugged, just keep spamming rockets at them after getting them to you with undertow. They should stun lock.

Did it on hard mode too. should be plenty of salts and some extra rockets somewhere. Was actually extremely easy this way. - If you played Mystical Ninja 64, you need to click this.

User Info: Cjcharisma

4 years ago#9
I did it on hard, failed twice, got it on my third time,
I used the sniper to snipe all normal human enemies,
If two patriots dropped I woud use Possession on one, right at the end, keeps them all busy down there, and I used Songbird to take out all zeppelins, but only when all enemies were dead, or just spawed right at the end.

Also just between the zeppelins, there is the two ironmen with RPG, I Possessed one, let them almost take out each other, then zipped around with skyline, dropped down to attack, and just blasted them off the ship. They do the most damage to the core,
also if it looks like the Patriots are going to get to the core, as they will just stand there unloading on it, either hopefully drop song bird, or walk up behind and shot their gears,
but possessing one early should stop that.

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User Info: TheC0ndemnedOne

4 years ago#10
Cover the core with Return to Sender orbs (hold it down and then shoot it at the core).
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