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User Info: DeadPresidents2

4 years ago#11
As much as I loved Infinite, there wasn't a single character in it remotely close to Andrew Ryan in terms of awesomeness. I find myself quoting him daily, but there's one line that I always remember, just for how chilling it was:

Before the final rat has eaten the last gram of you, Rapture will have returned. I will lead a parade. "Who was that," they'll say, as they point to the sad shape hanging on my wall, "who was that?"

Also, his monologue about burning down the forest on the surface was a great view into his perspective, and probably encapsulates his motives better than any other quote I can think of.

I did enjoy the banter of the Luteces in this game though, even if none of it was worth accurately remembering.
Me to this random girl : Mygirlfriendsayswhat? Random girl: What?
Me: Zing!

User Info: slaighMaccooper

4 years ago#12
"it all begins with a man, it all begins with a light house, it all begins with a city"~ anna or something along those lines

User Info: Bloodmoon77

4 years ago#13
"Fill your cravings at the circus of valueeeees!"

User Info: improvisionist

4 years ago#14
He doesn't row.

User Info: Sellanor

4 years ago#15
Most of Bioshock has tons of rhetoric value. However, the most memorable for me was this one;

"I want a puppy, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to get one!"

This in reaction to the wish of Comstock to make Elizabeth his heir, even though he locked her up in a tower and isolated her from the world. Such a disjointed and innocent a comparison made me a father. Does she really want a puppy that much that she equates it to a lifestyle she describes as something indistinguishable from death?

Come all of Columbia! I will be your False Shepherd if it means my Elizabeth will get a puppy!

User Info: Cluny

4 years ago#16
"Why are you running? they always run."
Drank away the rest of the day; wonder what my liver would say. "Drink, that's all you can do."

User Info: TheNurseInBlack

4 years ago#17
“Elizabeth, why is your mother a ghost?”
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User Info: Hunter_Gamma

4 years ago#18
orangeson5 posted...
"The Lord forgives everything, but I'm just the prophet, so I don't have to." - Comstock

When I first heard that quote in the trailers, I loved it lol. It's such a menacing thing to say.

DeadPresidents2 posted...
As much as I loved Infinite, there wasn't a single character in it remotely close to Andrew Ryan in terms of awesomeness.

I agree when I think back on it. It seemed like Daisy was going somewhere, but she really didn't get much screen time so I honestly couldn't be sure.

As for my favorite quotes, I love anything either Atlas or Ryan says.

My and one of my buddies still enjoy blaming the "God**** Sploicers!" for stuff lol.
"That's how Dad did it, that's how America does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far."

User Info: 360addict223

4 years ago#19
"Har, har."
"You and me are going on a car ride to hell...and you're riding shotgun."-The Hobo

User Info: Promanip

4 years ago#20
"Lives, lived, will live, Dies, died, will die"
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