Is it just me, or does anyone else feel this game is tasteless?

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  3. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel this game is tasteless?

User Info: tonberrymasta

4 years ago#1
First to preface this, I loved the first Bioshock and thought it was a great game. I have waited years and years for the "true sequel" (yeah, part two was made by some other studio; it sucked, and so it didn't really count). So I am six hours into Infinite, and despite being blown away by the graphics at first, my feeling at the moment is...honestly? I want to like it, I really do...but the subject matter in this game just comes across to me as being in very poor taste.

Yeah, yeah I know... before I bought it I DID notice that it has a picture of the American flag burning on the cover and yeah, I knew in advance that it would be at least somewhat anti-American with the "shooting the George Washington robots" from the game preview vids and what not. I even expected a far left message to it...what with the first game basically being an attack on the celebrated (by the right wing anyways...) novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Fine, I expected at least some cuts at America and the right wing as I went through. Hey, I am not a Republican, and am not really political anyways, so these sorts of things never really bugged me before, why should they now?

But this game is just TOO extreme with the politics everywhere you look; the final game comes across to me as just being some mean spirited propaganda where you go around shooting these caricatures of negative stereotypes of the Republican party all day. Yup the extreme elements of the republican party: the religious right, the racist south (complete with a "KKK" cult with White supremacy signs?!?), etc. are your enemies here. Really? This is the sequel to Bioshock? What happened to the imaginative enemies of the first game? The fantasy?

Now, it's not like a thing like the racist south is something that our country should be proud of to be sure, but the problem here is this: all these political overtones are so OVERT and obvious that this just completely takes me out of the game setting! I can't go two steps in "Columbia" without being reminded that this whole thing is really just about politics in America (at one point I walked into a house and the guy even says straight out, "Don't worry, I am a progressive!" Really? I am currently looking around for the item box that allows me to raise taxes on the rich, but I haven't found it yet...I mean, c'mon!).

If you are on the left and don't see why someone who was politically neutral might be turned off by all this, let's imagine that we switched the situation and a right wing game developer made a "Rush Limbaugh" shooter where he went around blasting stereotypical left wing political people all day with guns...I wouldn't want to play that crap either! If I wanted to watch political fighting I would just turn on the radio or cable TV (which is something I never do). Does anyone else feel the same? Did all the politics and anti-America messages take you out of the fantasy in this game?

User Info: iOnEsHoT

4 years ago#2

User Info: drfirepants

4 years ago#3
I don't think you are understanding the game very well.

User Info: JanwayDaahl

4 years ago#4
I actually thought it was a cool reference to the history of America's past. I guess people who are hypersensitive towards political beliefs would take offense, but I honestly don't care.

However, I agree with you that a game that went nuts with liberal agendas would PROBABLY come across a lot more hostility than would a game with a conservative one.

If people took the themes of things like same sex marriage, feminism, starbucks (lol), and equality of race and poked fun at them, I'm sure a lot more people (especially on gamefaqs) would have their buttons pushed.

Like I said, either way I treat it as a game and a cool nod to american culture, so I take no offense.
I do not support homosexuality in any way.

User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#5
people like the TC is what's wrong with the world

"I'm offended because my culture tells me I should be offended and I can't think for myself"

User Info: VIC10U5

4 years ago#6
BeefEaster posted...
people like the TC is what's wrong with the world

"I'm offended because my culture tells me I should be offended and I can't think for myself"

That's not what he said at all. You are bad.

User Info: Alphonse_Elric

4 years ago#7
It's just you.

The game takes place over a century in the past. Like it or not, people on the past thought exactly like this, especially the racist aspect. Up until midway through the twentieth century, it was actually illegal, as in barred by law, for there to be interracial marriage. People used the exact same arguments that they do against same sex marriage today (it's against god, etc etc) that they did back then against interracial marriage. And this was in the forties and fifties that that happened.

The storyline is very deeply a product of the time in which it is set, only taken to the extreme. That's the intention. Columbia is an echo chamber of fanaticism. There is an amusement park to indoctrinate children. It is not a place where you should think, 'oh, I want to live here'. It's not meant to be a nice place. That's why you're trying to escape it.

RE: the original Bioshock argument... You're probably not far in enough yet but you'll come to see that this one is very similar when you get down to it. The 'fantasy' aspects and interesting enemies come later on. Even in the original, though, those weren't so much fantasy as much as 'what if there was a society in which scientific advancement was not barred by ethics? How could things go wrong?''

Either way... Most of the world has come to realize that ideas such as the ones that the villainous characters in the game have are outdated and wrong. I mean... If you think that KKK members and extreme racists should be presented as sympathetic characters, that's more something that you need to work on within yourself rather than something wrong with the game. 8T

User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#8
VIC10U5 posted...
BeefEaster posted...
people like the TC is what's wrong with the world

"I'm offended because my culture tells me I should be offended and I can't think for myself"

That's not what he said at all. You are bad.

I know

I just wanted to say that
(message deleted)


4 years ago#10
As a faith believing white/latino individual with libertarian/conservative views and a true love for America, I actually love this game. It has a nice backdrop on the dangers of extremism, not to mention government elitist corruption. Plus, Columbia was built with a political mindset, and that Comstock was a brutal soldier, so no doubt would his politics be affected and that you would see propaganda. Keep in mind, certain images were inspired even by Europe propaganda too.

Whether the game is anti-American or not, that's entirely up to perception. I never saw this game as anti-anything really, except anti-war and anti-extremism. Just off the wall fringe so-called American lovers. In other words, there's really all kinds of extremes to anything. Just like how you saw extreme-religion (in real life, extreme African witch-doctors, extreme Muslims who stone gays, extreme xenophobic Christians), you saw extreme-science and the dangers that bring to space-time.

These people (Columbia residents) love America in a different way, as I love America in a different and much more peaceful way without racism or xenophobia. I also don't approve of the corruption/conspiracy of the US federal government, but that doesn't mean I'm going to live on a floating city to secede.

But you really have to take account to Comstock and Columbia. Comstock is a fringe cult leader similar to West Borough. Columbia was designed to attract that similar mindset. All that propaganda, KKK, etc.

tl;dr= It's entirely up to perception. Just know that Columbia was designed for the things you described, because it attracted people of that West Borough mindset.
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  3. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel this game is tasteless?

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