Beating 1999 Mode: A Short, Simple Guide *Minor Spoilers*

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User Info: Severian113

4 years ago#1
- Infusions

a. Get every single one. Consult a guide online if needed.

b. Max out salt. MAX OUT SALT. Follow up with Shield. Health last.

- Vigors

a. Early on, rely on Devil's Kiss Traps to wipe out clustered groups. Lure them into corridors or rooms, then blow them up.

b. Save up cash for Possession-for-Less aid ASAP. This is your rocketeer killer.

c. Rely on Bronco once you get it; it's cheap, it hits in an AOE, and it hits through cover.

d. Once you get Charge and its upgrades, it's over. You just won the game.

- Weapons

a. SHOTGUN. Keep that, upgrade it, love it. Carry a heavy-hitting weapon on the side; I usually went with a sniper or a volley gun.

- Gear

a. The most important piece of gear is Blood to Salt. Reload the checkpoint after you meet Elizabeth, in that room where she tosses you the silver eagle, with the two gear boxes within it. Reload it until you can get Blood to Salt.

b. Other important items:


>Burning Halo: 70% chance that a melee target will be set ablaze. Victim takes 300 damage over four seconds. (Combat synergy with Charge; combos with Busting Bronco floats)


>Winter Shield: Jumping from a Sky-Line grants brief invulnerability. (For before you have Charge; makes fighting Handymen so much easier. Don't sweat it if you don't get it; it's pointless once you get Charge)


>Brittle-Skinned: Melee targets briefly vulnerable. Victim takes 2x damage for five seconds. (Makes Charge so, so devastating. Charge counts as a melee attack. Charge, then blast them with a shotgun.)

>Urgent Care: Decrease shield recharge delay by 1 second. Increase shield recharge rate by 2x. (Decent pants before you can get Charge.)


>Overkill: Killing with excessive damage stuns nearby enemies. (Shocks whole groups if you kill someone. Explosion damage from Burning Halo and Charge Explosion combos with the shock. Boom.)

How to Play:

a. Never worry about ammo. Pick stuff off the ground if you have to. Max out Salt so you can use as much Vigor as possible. Early on, rely heavily on Devil's Kiss traps and Busting Bronco.

b. Shock Jockey is decent, but it's eclipsed by most other Vigors.

c. Possession is godly, but very situational. Useful for wiping out a big pack at once if you turn it into a trap; they'll all kill themselves.

d. Once you get Charge, it's over. This is how you will beat every enemy in the game:

- Charge into them
- Collect Loot

Congratulations, you just beat the 1999 mode.
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User Info: yomi52

4 years ago#2
much appreciated for the tips!

User Info: AdrianChamblee

4 years ago#3
Thanks for the info.
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User Info: xGenocidest

4 years ago#4
Dont forget about Tunnel Vision (Boots)
An extra 25% dmg for aiming down the sights. -25% if you hipfire.

Like an extra damage upgrade.
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User Info: 12ehsteve

4 years ago#5
My Legend of Zelda Collection - Last update Feb. 14/13

User Info: Polskihammer

4 years ago#6
This is a great guide in a nut shell
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User Info: Blade Seeker

Blade Seeker
4 years ago#7
Some more tips. The spoiler is minor info about the final fight. Very minor.

If you have the Season Pass, Electric Punch hat was very useful in some situations. I switched between that and the Halo often. Electric Punch lets you pretty much stun lock most heavy hitters.

The first Handyman is well documented as allowing you to get him stuck in an area. The next three all have skylines in the area to do the jump on/off using hit and run methods with Brittle Skin, Flaming Halo and Winter Shield. I did manage to get the second Handyman stuck as well but I'm not sure what happened.

Return To Sender has a nice useful for protection. If you lay down the traps in front of things you want to protect, they can block quite a bit of the damage for quite awhile. On the final battle, I laid a bunch of RTS traps around the glowy thing you protect. I did it once at the beginning of the battle and most of the traps lasted the entire time. I only took about 20% damage on it from explosives mostly. There are plenty of 100% salts laying around the battle.
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